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      Usually a screw-in lens attachment that when fastened to the front of your camera’s lens offers an extended wide angle or telephoto beyond what your camera’s normal lens offers. Some are more effective than others – you get what you pay for – and the good ones can be a bit expensive.

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      I don’t know why, FS, but your messages are not getting posted. Both your opening post here (I originally assumed it was because the question was in the heading) and what I assume is your reply to my response are both entirely blank so far as I can see.

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      I know, I just found out my second post didn’t go up. My computer is going through some debugging. So i changed the platform in wich i enter my text I will try to chang the previous message

      20 seconds later

      Ha Ha it worked

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      My previous message was:

      Thats great to know, I assumed that was it. But its the tele Converter that all the buzz is all about. Whats the difference?

      If somebody could post links to before and after pictures and point out the big reason why this is a good thing to have that would be great.

      Thanks EarlC for pointing that out

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      A good teleconverter can give you some decent rack focus/depth of field options as opposed to the usually deep depths of field of most consumer/prosumer “on camera” lenses. Beyond that, I’ve no use for them personally, finding that the vast range of them actually reduce the image quality somewhat and that for the most part I rarely zoom in, preferring where possible, to physically move in closer to the subject of my production. I’ll worry about rack focus beyond my equipment’s capabilities, and depth of field (same) when it becomes a viable issue to any of my varied clients – commercial to individual.

      My contention with wide angle adapters? Well, I prefer to not experience the distortion they are capable of generating, beyond my original argument about image deterioration. In my photographic/newsgathering past I’ve never been fond of vignetting or fish-eye effects in “reality” production.

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      Im Very Sorry, Did I Say tele converter. I really would like to that quote replace that with wide angle converter

Viewing 5 reply threads
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