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      Ok, so I realized that a standard tripod will not do. I what to get a fluid head tripod. I have been looking around but not sure at what point the true fluid head tripods begin at all of these store because some have mantioned on here that not all fluid heads are “True” fluid heads. So far I have found the following heads and sticks:

      Heads: Bogen 3066, Bogen 502, Bogen 503HDV, What other makes and models are good, what would you recommend?

      Sticks: Bogen 3182, Bogen 3283B, Bogen 351MVB, What other makes and models are good, what would you recommend?

      Thanks for the help. I am looking for very smooth tilt and pan. I want a head and tripod that I can grow into. Will be doing both indoor and outdoor shooting.

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    As far as heads go, you might want to look into OConner and Sachtler or if your budget allows it go for a Worral or Arri Head. The latter of these are very expensive but very smooth. They are like the Cadillac of “true” fluid heads.

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    I would check into the Libec TH-M20 Aluminum 2-Stage Tripod. I got it from B & H for about $180 and it’s really great. Probably the best tripod you can buy if you’ve got close to no money at all. Pans and tilts are incredibly smooth, body is a light, but incredibly sturdy metal, and it came with a small black bag which makes it easy to take with you wherever.

    Links in the name above, check it out.

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    I have two Bogen sticks, a 3182 and a 3283. Both have 3066 Fluid heads. They are Not by any means lightweight. I have used them hard for 12 years and they both are still in perfect condition. They have been stuck in a river for eight hours shooting trout fishing, and been thrown around while location shooting. They have beaten up and still work perfectly. If you are going to be the only one who uses your tripod, then maybe you should venture into a higher end, more “true” fluid head and tripod but reality is, you will have to one day allow someone to carry and setup your sticks and thats when you want a tank that will take a beating from a careless PA. It only takes one mistake to make a $2000 tripod worthless.

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    Thanks for the advice folks. I decided to go with a Libec LS38. Seems like a good match for the Canonxl2.

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