What would you call this style of promo video?

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      Hi! I’m trying to figure out the term for the style of video that’s on this woman’s page, under “Mentorship”: http://www.lollydaskal.com/

      As professionals, would you call that a montage video, a promo video, a branding video, or something else…? What would a layperson call it?

      Thanks, this is driving me nuts. I’m planning to offer this type of video as an inexpensivealternative to live SMB video for future clients, but it’s hard to describe something to people when you don’t have the right name for it.

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      Essentially, dandelionvideo, it is nothing more than a PowerPoint or slide show presentation. Probably most who would be told your intended product would be something like a web PP or slide show would best comprehend in their mind’s eye what you are describing.

      This is also something that Camtasia has made possible with software that allows producers to put together promotional messages using screen shots from their computers.

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      It is certainly a promotional video, and very well done.

      Don’t underestimate the amount of work it takes to create such a text-only video! It is used in book trailers a lot, in fact in any project where the actual words are specifically important.

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      For me it is just a glorified slide show. I agree with an early post that they take a fair bit of work but I think that they are very uninteresting and the average viewer would not be held for too long. She had got that at the max at about 60 seconds.

      Videos are about visuals (images) – not about reading text.

      Just my take on it.

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      Grinner Hester

      I call it irritating.

      If I wanted to read, I’d not watch a video.

      That said, I also call it 3 grand. lol

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      Although there is no “video” in this video, I like it. I have used power point slide-shows in the past while working for various agencies and they have always been very helpful in expressing our intent, educating the targeted audience and achieving the desired goals. I do wish there were some dramatic stills (photographs) here.

      I usually use stills though.

      Here is one I did for a test and just for fun recently, with all my own stills and original music composed, performed and recorded by me (no copywrite issues). It is the kind of thing someone could do with Windows Movie Maker (Vista) and a decent camera. And of course a musician.

      Phosari Slideshow of Days gone By

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