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      Hey all,

      I’m new here, just signed up after hours of reading and researching this awesome site.

      I will be making a documentry that will have two cameras constanstly rolling, onewill be focused quite heavily onwhat the person is doingand the other will be of the person talking and so on. When i go to edit it, i will be flicking back to the person talking and so on so both cameras are important. I am looking at getting a 2x Canon HV20’s (HVD) with 2xTripods to suit. I have just bought a video editing machine

      My budget is not huge, i am looking to only spend a few thousand in total.

      I have a few questions as video production is completley new to me.

      What is the best computer set-up for editing? Meaning, what monitors models are recommended, video cards, and all that sort of stuff.

      What video editing software is recommened, keep in mind, i need to convert HDV to DVD. I am looking at Adobe products at the moment

      What would be the best set of headphones for sound editing and what not, looking to spend under $150

      Lighting? I hear the three point set-up is bullet proof. I will be shooting in a well lit indoor enviroment, do i need extra light?

      Thats all for the moment, i really appreciate your help πŸ™‚



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      The headphones that I use are the Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil. I really like them and they only run you about $110. Very high quality sound, comfortable and the best part is a really long cord! πŸ™‚

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      for the price point, I’d seriously take a look at Sony Vegas Pro 8, Vegas has handled HDV for quite a while with little problems at all compared to others such as FCP, Adobe or Pinnacle…. Vegas doesn’t need a huge honking computer to work well, you can get by well with a dual core processor, decent 256 meg video card, 1 gig of ram, but since you are doing HDV, make it 2 to 4 gig. Vegas has most of the tools you’ll need in it, i.e. real time sound editing, compositing tools, yada yada yada. It’s a great package, it also comes with DVD architect 4.5 to make your dvds.


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      Definitely agree with Johnboy. Ihave been running Vegasin my studio for almost two years. Monitor-wise I would definitely recommend Viewsonic LCD’s. They are sometimes on little on the pricey side, but worth every penny. The have some of the fastest response speeds on the market. If you are fairly knowledgable about computers, it can be far cheaper to build your own. Plus that way you don’t get any trial software, or other junk when you first run it.


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      Thanks for advice guys!

      Yeah,I have built up my own PC using a dual Otperon 275(2.2ghz). 2GB of ram and be using a 128mb Quadro xf550 video card. The workstation is a HP xw9300.I will be equiped with a single 80gb SATA operating system drive with an additional 2 500gb striped raid array. I will be using a Windows XP setup aswell.

      I have chosen to use Adobe software as my editing software, what do you guys think of Adobe?

      I am also looking at getting two 22″ Samsung 223BW screens, althoughI would like to have better, budget does not allow yet. I think the Samsungs will suffice for my task. I am not doing anything too demanding just yet.

      For sound, Iam thinking of getting a nice little Yamaha system, I dont really know what system to get and what to look out for. Should I get a subwoofer with two little drivers or should I have just two drivers that have good base response? I have heard that a cheap amp will color the sound with its EQ presets and so on. A direct connection to the sound card would probably be best,I am assuming? I know the headphones I will be getting, they are nothing special, just something that will get me through.

      Keyboard/Mouse,I have seen editors use graphics tablets and the mice with the roller balls and the two buttons. I am not sure I need a tablet just yet, or at all for that fact, butI am wondering about the roller ball mouse that seen to be common? I have a keyboard that will do for the minute, i have seen sticker pads that you can stick on to the keys for shortcuts and what not. Is there a keyboard that is commonly used and recommended at all?

      One last question, bit outta the blue. For a indoor documentry type video, willa Lavaliere or boom mic be best, I just recording voice, nothing else.



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      Keep checking out ebay too. You never know what you’ll find. You may be able to get way better quality for your budget.

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