What type of lens to use to shoot at night

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      Working on a ghost hunter type reality video. What lens do I use to get that black/white type night shooting like they do on the Sci Fi show "Ghosthunters?"

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      I’m not really familiar with that show, but I think what you are looking at is like a night vision mode? Do things look kind of greenish? Do people’s eyes look kind of wierd?

      If yes, then then it’s not a lens doing it, but a night shooting mode. Only some cameras have it. I think the DVC30 from Panasonic has it, and maybe the DVX100 models too? I know for a fact my VX2000 doesn’t have anything like that, and I didn’t think the other Sony camera models had it either. Not sure about Canons.

      Basically, this mode uses some sort of infared sensor (don’t quote me on this) and ‘theoretically’ increases the amount of light infinitely, which allows for shooting in really dark scenarios.

      Hope this helps.

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      most sonys have it
      "night shot mode"
      it looks green, but if you apply an in camera black and white filter to it while in night shot mode you’ll get a similar effect.
      or tweek the footage in post…

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