What type of camera is for me?

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      I am a college student who will be graduating in a year. And I want to jump into the indie film world. So of course I will be needing a new camera, and was wondering if the fine people here in the community could help me.

      I want a camera that has all the manual features.

      Probably a $2,000 limit. The camera has to give me good, clean quality image that I can use for film festival work.

      But I don’t need the best of the best just yet. As I have no training in Cinematography. So that is a crew person I will always need. And if I ever do a work at the absolute pro level. I’ll have a budget that assures a Cinematographer, and the equipment they prefer.

      That is what I’m looking for. A camera that I can use to make Film Festival quality work, yet not at the level that I’m gonna be making feature length film quality pieces.

      Thanks to all.

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      if you are into cinematography, I would advise you to get a miniDV camera for $1000 dollars and spend the other $1000 dollars on lights.

      A true professional understands that it’s all about the lighting. Doesn’t matter if you have the biggest, baddest camera around. If you can’t light the scene, the image you record will still look like it was shot by an amateur. However, you can use a fairly cheap camera and still record a nice image that looks professional if you use lights and use them properly.

      Remember, cinematographers are in the business or recording light. It’s all about the lighting.

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      Oh yea, and as for suggesting a camera: I started with a Canon GL2. You should be able to find one for $1000… good chance you can find one for even less.

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      Get a HD camera so you don’t look like a blithering idiot a few years from now.

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      Thanks everyone. I wont be getting one till near the end of the school year. which is May or June. So i can still wait for new models to come out for this xmas season and next years models. But thanks to everyone for your impute.

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