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      I currently use a Manfrotto system with a head that was about $80 and Legs that I bought for still work with a center support.

      I am looking at another Manfrotto system. A 504HD Head w/546B 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod System. This system is around $700 after rebate which is about the budget I have to work with.

      I am open to other ideas.

      I shoot some weddings, sports, theater, and commercials (product shots).

      Any help would be appreciated!


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      Nice tripod set up. If the work you’re doing are paid gigs, the ‘pod will pay for itself fairly quickly.

      If you haven’t looked here already, try this link as they have a large selection of tripods and maybe you’ll find some thing cheaper. You might want to look at a 501 HDV head as it may be a little less than the 504. I’ve got two of them and they work quite well.

      Manfrotto Full Tripod Kits

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      Thanks! I looked at a few different ones and this seemed to be the best bang for the buck. But, before I pulled the trigger I thought I would get some different opinions.

      I do some paid and some non-paid gigs. I do enough of the paid ones to pay for my habit. :>)

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      I use a Matthews M25 it is great and fast on setups. Came with a Bag which was nice. Check it out if you are looking

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      I’ve had great results with Davis & Sanford tripods. I have one with the FM18 fluid head and two with the FM12 fluid heads. They are the ProVista line. I’ve used them for about three years now. Sturdy and provide smooth pans/tilts. All came with bags and one with a dolly/roller system. But neither in the $700 dollar range, these may be a little less than what you may be looking for. But I’m pleased with them.

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      Are these tripods mentioned here free of the dreaded “driftback” ? Any advice how to counter this effect ?

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      I am not an expert with tripods, but you will certainly need something that is a “fluid head”. I’d certainly think that your issue is a mere matter of “as price goes up, you will be affected less.

      Driftback could also be a fault of the camcorder’s optical image stabalization. If “Power O.I.S.” is on, then you would want to shut it off.

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      I have not experienced drift back with the Sanford & Davis pro-vista tripods. I had a friction head tripod which gave that problem and quickly tossed it for the Sanfords with fluid heads.

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      “Driftback could also be a fault of the camcorder’s optical image stabalization. If “Power O.I.S.” is on, then you would want to shut it off.”


      You were right. I switched off the “Steady Shot” function on the cam and no more driftback. Now my el cheapo tripod will do just fine.

      Sometimes technology can work against you.

      Thanks for the tip.

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