What Training Videos Would You Like to See Videomaker Create?

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You have a voice - we have many ears! Here's your opportunity to help Videomaker develop new training materials for the upcoming year.

As most readers of our publication and website know, we offer a varied collection of training materials from webinars and online video tutorials to books, DVDs and our well-known monthly periodical.

We're in the process of planning new subjects for our training DVDs and we need your help. We want to know how we can best serve you, so let us know what YOU want to see from Videomaker.

Below are the titles of some of the planned features, what else would you like to see? We're looking for your feedback, please check out our survey to give us your opinions - we're listening!

Some suggestions are:

  • Making Music Videos
  • Shooting Commercials
  • Low Budget Make-up Effects
  • Fair Use & Music Copyright for Video
  • Advanced Lighting Techniques
  • Making Video Look Like Film
  • Multi-cam Shooting & Editing
  • Making Your First Video: an Introduction


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HI, Jennifer. I would love to help with the creation of any and all of the aboce training vids. Just throwin it out there...

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For free stuff I like the DIY like the guy showing How to build a studio I think that sooner or later we begin using some build or home madeequipment and move to manufactured equipment just the fact to transport or display amateur equipment or user change his mind toproduce something goodhe need the right equipment. Also explainDolby sound, how to create effet, How to create a DVD with many movies and buttons. Simply How to burn a DVD and the file structure. I thinh that your reader need something more in deep. How to create movie on the web...

Best regards,


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There are a few that really should be made that there are always questions on. in the forums at this present moment is a question on using music from a weeding. I would like to see a training video onFair Use & Music Copyright for Video. I am the same camp with signmax on all of his suggestions, especially DIY projects. For one, I would like to see how to make a home studio as I have plans on making my garage into one in the next couple of years.

God luck


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well I have been taping sessions every step of the way, as I built my studio.... I'm behind publishing them, been busy... I have had backstage access to a number of bigger Canadian Bands doing shows in my area, taping interviews for an online magazine. Will get back to production of my studio stuff asap.

There must be a strong interest in DIY, my youtube video "diy softbox" has had over 13000 hits over the last couple weeks!

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"What Training Videos Would You Like to See Videomaker Create?"

Honestly... "How To Read A Manual." Don't give people bread, teach 'em how to make it.

And perhaps a "What You Need To Know Before You Get Started" video would be beneficial.

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 Training Videos?

"Why it is a Good Idea to Practice With New Equipment Before, Not During, That Big Shoot"

Too many forum topics, here and elsewhere, about people having issues with new equipment they took out of the box for the first time use on that all important shoot.


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