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      Hi all, I have not been on here in some years. I have been toying with video since the late 70’s. Used Videonics stuff with linear and of course now have gone digital. Although I had some brief training 30 years ago I need to get some basic brush ups and also digital training. I have just lost my job, my wife has lost a part of her income so I need a way to earn. I decided to try a video production business.

      I was looking at a Panasonic AG-HVX200A and the Final Cut Pro base suite. I have a friend who has a business and they offered to stake me. I will need to make videos for them and also repay the loan.

      My son in law does still photography and is learning video for the Air Force. He will help me when I need another camera or stills done on a shoot.

      I am currently taking business classes which I will have finished by May 09.

      I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on training for me. I would need something local or online. I am near Harrisburg/Lancaster PA area. Online would be easier. I know there are many listed online but I would want a decent one where I would learn something and not get ripped off.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?



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      I feel going out and practicing is the best way to learn. What kind of training on your looking for though? Are you looking to improve with your shooting/production skills or video editing?

      A lot can be learned about editing with FCP with online tutorials on youtube, and creativecow.net has some great tutorials too. Try searching for podcasts on itunes as well. There are so many great tutorials on the web. I find itridiculousthat anyone would pay for schooling or anything.

      If you are looking to improve your shooting, I suggestanalyzingTV shows you want to emulate with the sound off so you can focus on their shooting and lighting technique.

      No need to spend money to learn video these days. There’s so much free content out there. I mean, this forum alone has so many great, knowledgeable people who are willing to help solve other’s problems.

      Also, I’m surprised to hear you’re from the Harrisburg/Lancaster area. I live in Philly now, but I grew up in Reading. Feel free to hit me up if you ever need a helping hand. http://www.myspace.com/robgrauert

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      Thanks for the help. I want to try this as a business now. i have never used or played with Pro equipment. Since I never really had any formal training (had a course many years ago) but it was a cheap video for dummies kind of thing. I want to be sure I can supply the customer with a real quality product in line with today’s technology/capabilities. I do not want to ruin my business with real blunders. Was hoping to get some real basic video theory, lighting, shot angles, etc, and then camera function and proper use. I normally always just shot on auto.

      I have been using pinnacle for my editing along with its bugs and troubles. I really have never used any real software like Vegas or the like.

      I guess I am good at dummy software but to take on pro stuff I thought I would need training. I have been trying to find as much online as possible but I was hoping for a linear approach starting at the begining and moving forward. Was thinking on some type of refresher style not in depth degree training but training that would fill in the gaps and also teach what I never knew. It is difficult for me to bounce all over when trying to learn something. It is easier to start at go and finish at the end. It is not that I am not flexible but I feel there is too much I never learned to try to piece meal it together.

      Does any of this make any sense? I hope I am not that dense that it will be an issue.

      The bottom line I love this stuff and I am now getting serious with it.

      If your willing I certainly would like to take a drive and meet you and maybe you could show me a thing or two.

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      Yea, I understand what you’re saying. Sounds like you need someone to bring you up to speed.

      I wouldn’t mind helping you out if you drove to philly for some lessons, but since I live in center city and having a car is impractical, I can’t meet outside the city. Feel free to email me some time: robgrauert@hotmail.com

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      Sometimes it is really easy to not notice the obvious. And no, I do not work for, nor do I now subscribe, to Videomaker magazine – no compensation, no incentives.

      This magazine, and this site, offer much of what you need to know about the “basics” plus some powerful suggestions as to establishing, expanding and successfully producing pro quality product in a video business. You could do worse than to start HERE.

      As for marketing ideas and a bounty of ways to make money (other than wedding video production which based on extensive personal experience is the MOST amount of work and hassle, for the LEAST return per hour invested) there are a boatload of blogs, forums and sites that can provide you with a wealth of knowledge – not the least of them is my blog at http://www.eccomeecgo.blogspot.com (a bit of shameless self-promotion, sorry).

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      Thanks EarlC for the link. I am very interested in ways of promoting my business.

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      Well I know a little more today than I knew when I first posted. The only problem as I learn I see I need to learn much more. I have spent countless hours online but I tend to drift. I am thinking on trying a dvd set to have with a linear approach to learning FCP. I will start there. I can shoot video, will still need help with it but learning FCP I feel is top priority.

      Has anyone heard of Marrutt training software. I watched a few of the lessons (demo) and it looks like I can grasp it. I would not lose so much time as I do when online drifting away from the content as you are bombarded with new info.

      I am thinking of getting it. Any suggestions?

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      The two video training companies I tend to suggest are Lynda.com and TotalTraining.com. Usually the level of instruction is quite high.

      If you are looking for classroom training I usually suggest agitraining.com. I used to work with them (still do sometimes) so mine is not an unbiased opinion, but I think they are a very good source for classroom instruction.

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      I saw I can join DVPA and the membership includes free Total Training. Does that sound right? The fee was $299 a year. I pondered it but because of the cost I did not do anything yet.


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      Check your local college and see if they have some video classes.
      I took a class at a local community college and it helped a lot.
      You also get the educational discounts on software and some hardware.

      Digital Juice used to have some nice free tutorials which you might be able to find on YouTube.

      Also don’t forget your local library – they ususally have some great resources.

      I also like Creative Cow, Adobe and Yahoo video forums – they are very helpful.

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      there is much I can say, but i’ll just keep it simple…

      since you’re considering FCP, I guess I could recommend http://www.macprovideo.com

      It cost money, but sometimes you just gotta pay up instead of wasting time searching for half-assed solutions to your problems or education.

      macpro will give you detailed basics of what to do….

      I used their DVD studio pro lessons to refresh my dvd skills after not using that particular program for several years…I had to refresh my skills and didn’t have time to mess around.

      Macprovideo is very organized and efficient, but the guys voice and the 3 second music intro between lessonscan get annoying.

      video training like casino game training will teach you how to play, but they won’t necessarily teach you how to win….that is your responsibility.

      Also, free tutorials are very helpful….especially once you get the basics down depending on what you want to learn.

      http://www.videocopilot.net will give good qualityefxtraining for free…

      I’ve found the best free training comes from those that are trying to teach people how to use applications so that they can sell their products…it gives them an incentive to give good training.

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      Also…formal scholing isn’t necessary, but I would definately encourage it…and it will help significantly.

      It is important to know however that schools are not there to get you a job, and shooling is no garauntee.

      I would say having a good demo is key to opening the window of opportunity in this field….if your demo looks like you have 5 years experience, they will hire you even if you only have2 years.

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