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      Hello, i am a beginner photographer i want to get into videography but i just want to know something before i buy a camera, If i won’t shoot weddings or events what will i shoot ?? i mean, in photography you can shoot anything like landscapes or anything but in videography if there’s nothing happening, what will i shoot ?? i need ur advice πŸ™‚

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      Ahmad,shooting landscapes with a still camera gives you one moment in time. Shooting the same landscape in video will give you motion, the motion of the camcorder in relation to the scenery, or you can capture the effect of wind on the trees, hear the rustling of leaves, spot a bird flying through the frame, etc. Some say that audio is at least half of the video experience. In photography there is no audio unless you create a slide show with an audio bed underneath it. This is actually simulating video! I find that shooting video at non-event situations (landscapes, wildlife, etc.) to be very satisfying, although not usually as income-producing as shooting events. As you develop your skills with the still camera, you will also be developing skills that will carry over to video if you choose to go in that direction. A lot of us who video have some background with still photography. keep shooting.

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      As Videoman says, but also there is the potential for development of a huge personal library of living scenes like V-man so poetically noted. Given the time, proper equipment and love for say, nature or even planes, trains and automobiles; also sunsets, sunrises, moon and clouds, trees, birds, waterways, waterfalls, beaches, oceans, rivers and lakes, storms …

      … the subject matter is virtually endless. The beauty of this is if you capture enough variations of, well even flags for example: flags with clouds in the background, birds flying past, a jet in the background, HUGE flags and miniature flags, flags in groups, stand alone (you get the idea). You develop a portfolio of video clips of these and can eventually offer an extensive selection that will market well.

      The things in life that you love and enjoy, from puppies and parrots to babies and mature adults, and everything else that hammers our senses on a daily basis, can be rewarding and instructional at the same time while building your experience and at the same time developing footage that somebody somewhere would be willing to pay for to use.

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      start by shooting your photoshoots..

      worked for me..

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      Same as in still photography – document life – just in motion and with sound

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