What to look for when buying headphones?

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      I am looking for a good pair of studio monitor headphones. I am looking in the 100-200 dollar range. What kind of things should i look for so i am not just paying a pair of headphones labeled (Pro Studio Monitor Headphones.) Are there any features that improve quality that i should be aware of?

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    What are you doing with them? Are they just for video playback sampling? Are you doing studio audio recording? Are you recording live music? Do you need noise canceling? etc.

    Here are the ones I have and I absolutely love them. A lot of what you pay for is comfort and these are pretty comfy.

    It’s handy to have a set that has a detachable cable, just encase the cable gets damaged you can replace it instead of the whole headset.
    If you’re going to travel a lot with them you might want to look for some that fold up.
    If noise cancellation is a must, you will pay more for that.
    Also, there are some Ultrasone headphones that will play back in 5.1 Dolby Digital which is pretty sweet, but probably out of your price range.

    Here’s a good place to start. Give John or Jason a call about some. They are really helpful when it comes to this stuff.

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    * make sure they rest lightly and comfortably on the ear, creating a controlled environment for better sound. Driver is positioned the correct distance from the ear canal

    * at least a 500 mW power handling – which can stand up to day-in, day-out use at high output levels

    * Oxygen-free copper cord for maximum conductivity and minimum noise; conducts electricity better than conventional copper

    * Gold-plated plugs resist corrosion for high conductivity and low noise


    * Folding design permits easy storage and easy portability in a briefcase or equipment bag

    * Reversible earcups enable single-sided monitoring flexibility

    * Wide, molded headband distributes the headphone’s weight over a wide area thus reducing pressure.

    * UniMatched plug system for use with portable equipment would be nice; detachable phone plug for use with studio and home audio equipment.

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