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      I want to learn to make documentary type videos. For the price
      range I can work in, it seems the Canon GL2 would be best since
      zoom power will be important.

      What about editting? I want to use a PC, and haven’t bought
      the computer yet. What computer speed and memory size etc
      would be required to do basic editing like for a documentary?
      I won’t be making attempts to do animation, or playing any
      games. What editing program(s) would be best for the money?
      So far I want to use Windows XP instead of Vista.

      Thanks for any help!

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      oh, boy. I could go on and on, buti’ll try to keep it short.Here goes:

      You’re right, XP’s a LOT better than Vista.

      Good software for the money is a relative question on so many levels. i’m writing a book on freeware, so i’m finding good editing software for free. Anyway, I think Sony Vegas Pro is GREAT! Movie Edit Pro also sounds good. Vegas costs $800 or so. I think Movie Edit Pro is even less. There is also Sony Vegas Movie Studio which is cheaper and better for learners becasue it has tutorials.

      I think it’s interesting you think zoom power is important. i don’t use zoom too much except to frame shots before I start recording. Why do you need zoom power?

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      Why do you need zoom power?

      Because I hope to be shooting things around lakes and will want

      a decent zoom for that, especially for any wildlife.

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