What to do with Event Pan/Crop (fell into template window)

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      I am new at Sony Vegas and have had it happen several times where I open the Event Pan/Crop function and in the process of moving around my desktop if falls into the saem windows as the Media generators and project media stuff. When it’s in the window, it’stoo small for me to work with.

      How do I get it back out of there?

      Sure appreciate any insite into this. I assume there is a shortcut button, but haven’t found it yet.

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      look in the upper left hand corner and you will see four dots put your curser over these dots click and then move it that simple. Any of the windows in Vegas can be moved in this fashion

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      Can someone please help me! It fell and I can’t find the four dots. Thanks!

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      As Daryl said, look in the upper left corner. Click on the dots and drag it out.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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