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      Hello all!

      I shot my brother in laws wedding this past weekend. We thought we’d give them a nice dvd set of their wedding as a gift. The only thing I’m haveing a hard time with is where to start?

      I shot the wedding using 3 cameras. (one in the choir loft one next to the altar and one that I moved around with for closeups and such) I then shot the reception with just one camera. I also shot the rehersal and some candid stuff through out.

      I can kind of see how I want it all to go together in the final product.

      So what;s the easiest way to start this all out?

      I was thinking about putting the footage from each camera into individual video tracks in my NLE, syncing them up then cutting and pasting to meet my wants. Make sence?

      Any thoughts or pointers?

      Thanks in advance for all the help.


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      Hey lost,

      You’re on the right track. When I do wedding videos for my clients, the mechanical process you described (syncing the footage up, cutting out the bad parts) is essentially the same thing I do. I have Adobe Premiere Pro 2, which has a handy feature that allows you, once you line up all the footage, to watch it and pick the best camera angle while the footage is rolling. It’s very handy, but you can do the manual cut-n-paste as well in any editing software.

      Ultimately, you have a couple options for how to edit the video. Either you can keep the whole length of the video and present it as-is, or you can do a more "TV-style" approach, where you cut out all the slow stuff, and make a short 20-30 minute video. Heck, if you want, you can do both. It’s really up to you!

      You seem to be headed in the right path, so I’ll encourage you to stick to it, and ask if you have any problems.

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      Thanks for the reply and the words of encouragement! I’m using Ulead Video Studio 11+ so I don’t beleive it has the multicam function you mentioned. (from what I read if I continue to do this stuff for a profit in the future I’ll eventally get something with multi cam capabilities).

      I figure one making one "nice" ceremony video of the entire ceremony. I’ll make one with some more fancy stuff in it (some effects) about 20-30 minutes, and a spoof reel. That way I can see which one they like the best to help me know where to focus my attention in the future.

      Any thoughts?

      Thanks again!


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