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      I am not new to the video production field by any means, but i am out of practice. I work for a school district and they are wanting to start video production classes. my question is what should i use to train young kids and prepare them for work in the real production field. im going with after effects hands down for my graphical arts side. but as far as editing what would i want; Vegas, FCP, orPremire. then if Vegas or Premire should i get all macs for it to run on or just high grade windows machine. what i gues im asking is what is the real world of video production use these days?

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      that’s a good question. If you are going the route of macs, FCP would be the obvious choice. Then you have out there Adobe CS3, Vegas and so on and so forth… And the truth is real world video production uses what get’s them the jobs and get’s the jobs done. I use Vegas and love it. Others have “tried” Vegas and hated it. And you’ll get the same story with all the other NLE’s out there. I would probe other school districts that have video production classes to see how they’ve set up and go in a similar fashion.


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      Thanks, i actually use to work for another school district with a tv station that used solid mac and mac based programs. i loved FCP (its almost the same Premire and thats what i learned on) but however not to big a fan of motion. I have the demo of vegas 8 and just havent had tim eto test it out. thanks for the input.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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