What to charge videofilming bands in nightclubs

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      I’m new to this world of videography, but I do like it alot. In January of this year I bought a JVC Everio GZ-MG20u and have been taking it to our local jam sessions to include some medium size music shows. I usually get $15.00 for the finished DVD of these jam sessions. I keep the master and sell (when I can) to only the band members. Does anyone have any ideas about this type of videofilming? Precautions, what I could charge, ect.? Tomarrow night, I am supposed to film a guitar show. I have aggreed to receive $50.00 up front for the videofilming of it and give away free DVDs of the show. One for each band leader. Do you think that this is a fail price? I am finding it a bit tough to get some of these musicians to purchase their DVDs. Not selling to many since I now have masters of about 4 jam sessions and two band shows. Maybe the money will come later when word gets around a little more.

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      Hey Hank,
      Thanks for that advise. I will check into those cards, but where should I check for them. Do you think that Office Depot, Best Buy, or Fry’s Electronics sell them? Then there is the question of “how I put video on these things”? Guess I’ll find out by digging in and finding out more about them.

      It has resulted that Sunday nights gig only netted me less than minimum wage after time and materials was factored it. But maybe it will work out with some publicity through those of whom I shot footage for, eh?

      Thanks again Hank

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      Hi Hank,
      I did see those on the site. Since they are oblong my question is “I wonder if they would damage my Sony DVDirect Burner”? since the mechanics of the machine normally burns all the way out to the edges of a typical DVD. I guess I would need to just make sure the video is a small enough size to remain in a circle from the center. Also though, wouldn’t/couldn’t these types of DVDs get broken and lose or damage recorded information being in someones wallet? I guess I would need to tell them not to keep these cards in their wallet, eh? Also, they don’t hurt DVD Players being oblong? I am sure a newby when it comes to those!
      So, many questions?? Don’t mean to be a pest.

      When I reach minimum wage I can start saving for a down payment on a cardboard house!!!

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      I dont think that $50 is fair for how many dvds 5? thats hardly making any money for you time and equpment id go for $100 but if you have the time go for it. the bisness cards sond good go for it i have had no probulms with them

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      We have done this with NO charge to the band and made it be a half-hour show we carry via ‘leased access’ on local cable. The format is 12 mintues of music (their choice of what this is), a five minute interview with the band and a five minture feature on the club we tape in.

      Our revenue comes from advertising in the show which we have sold then to other clubs with live music, a beer distributor and an auto dealer who wanted to reach the show’s viewers.

      If you’d like to be able to have your video on commercial ‘local’ cable, then visit our association site at http://www.leasedaccess.org

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      Another thing to consider, if you create a Video Business Card for your clients, it is a great way to justify charging more. We create these marketing tools for clients and in this type of situation, I suggest creating a template that you can use over and over again.

      We create a fully animated presentation, but we grab the text, such as the band name, phone number, schedules, etc., from an external text file. So, all you have to do for each new band is change the info in the text file and now you can use the CD template for the next band. Of course, you will change the video for each band . . . you just save it with the same name and format and place it in the same folder and you’re ready to go.

      It’s a great source of additional income for you and as has already been stated, this is a great marketing tool for the band! They can even include one of their songs on the CD and hand them out to everyone!

      For more info, see our Video Business Card info or some samples at our Flash Web Site.


      Electronic Business Card, Video Business Card

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      All the above are possibilities.

      Just to give another perspective, here’s what I’ve done, and have charged the “garage bands” I’ve worked with over the years. Off the top, most of those with whom I have worked have been really digging and scraping, trying to get their name, music, personalities and BRAND “out there” while holding down odd jobs, REAL jobs or bussing tables. They often do not have a LOT of money to dink with, and are still trying to find sponsors, gigs, resources and distribution.

      But, I have also found that the truly dedicated, serious groups/artists, when confronted by something that could “work” for them, will find a way to fund the effort – maybe not with the big bucks, but to a level that makes what I’ve offered an acceptable (for me) combination instead of out-and-out charity.

      I have videotaped performances, with all the clearances and permissions of the artists, their music and the establishment where they are playing, using the best combination of techniques, MTV-style moves and a few of my own, capturing house sound, as well as my own, and even occasionally had the guys do some lip sync for me. I have also videotaped these people in the odd assortment of places they’ve managed to arrange for their ongoing practices – often almost a party itself with their assortment of friends, special others, and roadies, etc.

      I charge EVERY band that has brought me in for this an up front flat fee, regardless of the amount of effort, equipment, interested assistants or whatever, I have brought into the equation. I shoot them for up to two hours, provide them with a RAW DVD and they make the picks, then put it together for them for $400. They, in turn, agree not to copy, sell or package this DVD through ANYONE but me, and in turn I make them short runs to put on the table during gigs, along with their t-shirts and other stuff – 30 @ $8, 50 @ $7, 100 or more @ $6. I don’t make much on the DVDs (I ONLY use standard-size blanks), but the formula works generally speaking, for me.

      MORE hours = MORE money charged.

      I have occasions when I’m running hot and cannot keep up with the garage band demand, and other times when I don’t hear from anybody for months and months, but that’s OK, because if you’ve read my blog at http://www.eccomeecgo.blogspot.com you know I am diversified and have a BUNCH of ways to make money in this business.

      When a group hears about me from another group, or gig location, etc. and contacts me, or I them, if I am interested in them, their style, personalities, etc. then we’ll “talk” about it and come up with an informal arrangement/agreement. Except for releases and guarantees of copyright ownership, I don’t collect any other paper/documentation – most of these people like it loose and I’m OK with that.

      Others will try everything they know to beguile, rip off, take advantage, use, blah, blah, and when I sense or see this, I go on to other things and thanks but no thanks.

      I have occasionally had the pleasure of doing something bigger with some of the bands, and that’s always a nice thing, or being brought in for documenting a road trip or something, though I don’t do that much anymore – I’m getting too old for the all night parties and night life intensity πŸ™‚

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