What the Vista Interface Should have been

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      I’ve been using Vista now for about 3 months. it’s the best Windows ye[url=http:/h1.ripway.com/jimmy6125/download-mp3-rocket.html],[/url] and imho is far superior to OS X.

      Vista should have integrated applications into it’s command bar. It already integrated cd burning functions into it.

      What I envision:

      Open a folder. If there’s an mp3 file, you can play it in the new smart bar. If it’s a picture file, it will open in that explorer window, and the picture will fill the entire window. Hit the back key and you will go back. If it’s a document file, it will fill up that entire explorer window.

      That would have made windows management much easier I think than launching full-blown applications in new windows with each file.

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      I’m not one to debate these topics, but I have to say that "far superior" is a bit strong IMO. It’s not impossible to enjoy both OSX and Windows each for their strengths. The strength of Windows being it’s vastly larger user base and developer base for software, and the strength of OSX being it’s ease of use and very secure OS and UNIX backbone. I know there are more strengths and weaknesses for each, but I’m too tired to type it all out.

      I recently added a new intel based Mac to my arsenal and I’m considering loading XP so that I can continue my school work with Visual Basic on my Mac (booted into Windows.) I can say that the intel Mac really makes the older MAc processors seem very slow!

      Vista may be an improvement, but I won;t be adopting it until it matures.

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