What Storyboard do you use and why?

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      The Winter 2007 Special Issue of Videomaker had an article on Storyboarding & Scriptwriting then listed many programs, several being Storyboard Editors.

      I have been interested in getting a Storyboard Editor, I’m fairly new to videography and editing, but not sure what program to get.

      Thanks in advance!

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      There is a free (opensource) solution that you should take a close look at before spending ANY money on script or storyboarding software. It is a powerful suite of solutions that could change the way you approach your projects.

      Available for both Mac and Windows:

      I have no involvement with celtx aside from that of an impressed user. I think you will be pleased with the abilities of this software.

      You will also find several very good screencast demonstrations on the website to help you with the learning curve.

      Good luck!

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      Thanks, Dave. I’ve downloaded it and giving it a try.

      When I worked for a radio broadcasting company we had script sheets that approximated the length of a script simply by typing it into the form. It doesn’t appear that this program will do that? Any idea where something like this might be available?


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