What stock library do you use?

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      These days there are lots of sites offering pay for download video, but I have always liked having a library on hand. In the past I had several tapes on Betacam but I’m looking for some HD file based footage on disc. I like Digital Juice SD but don’t have any of their HD stuff yet. Has anyone used q-clips.com? It’s not expensive and looks like good stuff. What else do you use?

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      I have (and use) all three Digital Juice VideoTraxx SD libraries – don’t know if or when I’ll get the HD libs.

      I also use a slew of stuff from Footage Firm – They have lots of free stuff that’s pretty good (just $9 shipping per disc).

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      i am okay with SD libraries HD libraries are bit expensive .

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I was asking me this same question a few days ago when I was looking for stock footage for a short promo. Its tiresome looking through thousands of clips. The footage firm free stuff looks promising.

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      I still use SD footage too, but I just got one of the HD sets from q-clips.com. They are running a promo right now for $20 off. For $70 you get a set of 4 discs with about 250 clips. It’s not a huge library, but they have some different stuff. I needed some coastal environmental shots and got some beautiful estuary shots with wildlife (alligators, fiddler crabs, birds, etc.). Plus lots of other stuff I may find a use for some day.

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