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      I am in the need of video editing software to mainly do sports highlight videos. The one needed function is the ability to either highlight or identify the athlete at the beginning of each clip with an arrow or some type of symbol. The only other important features for me are ease of making titles, menus and chapters. Will need limited audio capabilities. I am not a computer techie so overall ease of use and stability would be greatly appreciated too. What are your recomendations?

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    Pretty much any of your pro applications will do it.
    I am a Final Cut Pro user and I know that does it.
    Adobe Premiere Pro does it.

    Honestly, I don’t know about any of the consumer apps. I am quiet positive that WIndows movie maker does not and neither does Pinnacle Studios (if you can even get that one to stay functioning for 5 mins).

    Hopefully someone else can give you an idea.

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    If by menus/chapters, you mean for a DVD, your DVD authoring program does that, not your NLE. Most any NLE can do what you want editing wise.

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    Yes the menus/chapters are for DVD purposes and I realize that all programs would have this capability but some are probably more user friendluy than others. I have used Studio Plus briefly to make one DVD so I have a little familiarity with the process but am looking at doing some more and would like to start with good software from the beginning. Recommendation on software fitting my original post would be?


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    U-Lead DVD Studio is quite simple to use.

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    Maybe Premiere Elements? That’s more user friendly and can make basic DVDs with menus, right?

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