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      HI all, been reading video maker for a while and lurking the forums but this is my first post and I couldn’t find the exact answer I have been looking for.

      I have an Imac 3.06 ghz intel core, 4 gb ram, 1 tb hard drive. I use Imovie , final cut express and have been learning some after effects. I recently have upgraded from my mini DV camera to the cannon hfm 31 hd camcorder with hard drive. My footage looks great in Imovie in HD havn’t played with it in FC yet. Here is my deleimia. I am not sure how to get the best looking footage on to dvd. I use I-Dvd. I did the share to idvd and it looks ok on a standard tv but on my HD tv the background looks a little pixelated I know this is how imovie converted it over to I-dvd because I went back and watched it on the computer.

      My footage is only 30 minutes long so disk space isn’t an issue. I am just wondering how should I export my footage to look the best on an Hd Tv even though I am not using Hd disc. if anyone can help I would appricate it.



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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hello Shane

      What video format are you currently using to export?. Have you try exporting your video from iMovie directly to iDVD by going to Share > iDVD?

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      DVD does not support HD, You need a Blu Ray burner.

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      In the past I’ve done searches on Google on burning HD to DVD and yes, there are ways to do it. While I cannot remember the exact formula for accomplishing this, I know for a fact that a solution exists, just be aware that at a much-reduced capacity, certainly not hours of HD content. I believe that if you will conduct this search for yourself you WILL find the solution. While Weddingmaster is being a bit arbitrary, HD production recorded to BluRay is probably much less problematic.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      I edit my videos in HD and burn to DVD. Yes it can be done, but not with consumer grade software. With Premiere Pro I edit using an AVCHD 1920×1080 preset and when is time to export I use Adobe Media Encoder. I set the video format either to MPEG2 DVD or H.264 (mostly this one), pixel aspect ratio to widescreen and make some adjustment in the bit rate settings (VBR or CBR). Of course you will lose a lot of video quality, so you cannot expect the original HD resolution. Like Weddingmaster mentioned, you need a Blu Ray burner and I may also add a professional disc authoring software, such as Adobe Encore.

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      Being, at the moment, ‘between systems’ but heading when finances permit, towards HD, I have looked at many systems. My footage is in a ‘native’ DV-AVI, (ex DV-tape) and it has paid me to keep it in that format for as long as possible, so all footage, once ‘logged-in’ is saved in both DV-AVI and high quality mpg2; since for the duration of the present ‘product’, I intend to stick with that format, (which is the one dictated by the ‘DVD-standard’ in any case’).Following that, I am open to suggestions. I have experimented with various h264/mpg4 formats, but have not yet found one to equal the simplicity of mpg2; in fact, the opposite, a common problem being pixellation clusters of either 16px square or in the worst cases 64px square, especially in the first 500 milliseconds or so, of shots. If such pixellation is common, ‘Worthjoh’, I’d be taking a look at the various settings available in whatever process you are using. Frequently going for higher quality, (albeit, at the cost of longer transcoding times), proves to be the answer.

      The advantage, in my case, of logging and saving footage in DV-AVI, is that it preserves an uncompressed image intact for future use, possibly radically improved codecs becoming available in the future, for example. Also, and it’s a consideration, there are many software facilities, such as ‘Avisynth’, ‘Virtualdub’, which work only on AVI footage, as far as I know.

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      Here is my 1/50 of a dollar’s worth. I use Vegas Movie Studio to put AVCHD files on a DVD which can only be played on a Blu ray or PS3 player, not a regular DVD player. I don’t know what the settingsare, I just do my editing and click onburnHD toDVD. I do know thatthe resulting picture on my HD LCD Tv is terrific. This same thing can be done with a Sony DVDirect. This is a freestanding unit (no computer needed) that you hook up directly to your HD camcorder. As Earl stated, there is a limited amouont of HD files that will fit on a DVD (don’t know exactly but somewhere around 35 minutes?).

      After I burn these files to a DVD with the DVD burner on my computer, I can’t acces these files using the same DVD burner on my computer. Go figure. I’m not an expert on these matters. I just know what works for me.

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      You can burn HD Blu-Ray on regular DVD the only condition is to burn a movie less than 30 minutes. Naturally if you burn B-R type you need a B-R player. On PC, Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 plus can work easily to do this. Curiously a less $100 can do it easily and give great result.



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      I stand corrected, After searching google apparently there is a work around..not very compatible but I guess if you have the time and patience and moneyto experiment more power to you. I just burn a blu ray and send to client..works fo me.

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