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      I have a wedding I shot a few months ago. When capturing, my still camera got bumped, and is staring at a a post. (http://www.codadesign.net/dick click on mistake)

      Normally the editing would be short and sweet. But now I wasn’t even sure how I was going to do it at all.After a few weeks of “OK, I’m gonna do this…” and then promptly getting frustrated when I sat down to edit- I finally decided to do the reception and rehearsal first. It’s a real pain, since I shot as if I had a second camera. I started getting nasty emails from the groom, and I tried to explain why it was taking so long, but he started talking about excuses. In one email, mentioned that I didn’t like being blamed for something that wasn’t my fault, and here was his reply.

      Subject WTF!?!

      Yes, seriously.

      Let me give you a lesson in the world of business, excuses do not make your
      customer happy, nor do they give your business name ANY credibility. The
      ONLY reason I brought up the fact that it is nobody’s fault but your own is
      because you have been using this as your excuse as to why the video is not
      complete. Yes, I did watch the video, and if this “lady in the red dress”
      did in fact move your camera, there is no way she would have known. You
      think maybe you put it in the way? Do you think maybe you could have shown
      up earlier to find a better place to put it? Do you think maybe if this
      video camera was so important to your production as you make it seem you
      might have come to check on it? All these are things that a “professional”
      like yourself should keep into consideration when taking on a job like
      this. How much extra time you put into this is irrelevant to the cost of
      the video, so I don’t want to hear on what a big favor you are doing us by
      not charging us any more. .Yeah…you TOLD me you were working on our
      video, but lets get one thing straight, you have TOLD us that you have been
      working on this for over three months. Now, let me TELL you something,
      finish the video and give me the date you will have it done!

      The only response I expected out of you would have gone something like
      this: Yes Paul, you are right, I should have showed up earlier to set up
      the camera better, and maybe checked on it a few times to make sure it was
      okay. Sorry this has taken so long, but I’ll have your video to you ASAP.
      If you would have said this to me, I would have been happy. The sad thing
      is, I am not happy. Ignorant responses back to your customer l only
      discredit your business. The only reason I have gotten involved is because
      my Mom is upset over the whole process and doesn’t know what to do. This
      is where I come in. I solve problems. I will solve this problem and will
      be in contact with you.


      I had made the choice of where to put the camera at the rehearsal. I gave him a discount. He’s rude. I don’t need this.

      what do I do?

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      What exactly is your problem? How to deal with the customer or how to fix the problem of someone bumping your camera? What were you shooting when the camera got bumped, the ceremony? If it wasnt the ceremony, you may should be able to work around it. But of course, I don’t know how you go about doing things….

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      You are not going to like this but my first suggestion would be not to charge for whatever you come up with. There is no way to go back and get footage and I’m not going to remind you of things you should have done, I’m sure you have had plenty of that.

      Second, go over all the footage you do have. Since you do not have the other camera photos, see if you can assemble a wedding video from what you can salvage. You may want to cut away to some graphics or artwork, or any stock type footage you can get. If possible go back and shoot the church. Shoot the exterior, shoot the interior such as windows or anything you can recreate without anyone in it or cut away to.

      Your creativity will save you here, or at least get you a end product. Look at your footage and see if you can tell a story with only what you have. Even if it’s just a short highlights video.

      If you can’t then there is no solution to this. Just give the client his money back and write it off as a loss. And a lesson learned.

      Your client is upset and doesn’t want to lose that moment, plus he has “Mom” on his back. Even a basic video of just the raw footage you could salvage is better than nothing.

      So, (A) Do not charge him anything. (B) Offer him something, even if it’s just footage with some titles. (C) Apologize profusely! (D) Admit your error and your responsibility.

      After you explain there is nothing you can do to salvage the footage or go back in time to recreate the event, terminate your involvement. The more you both hash out what coulda, shoulda, or woulda been great, it won’t bring back the wedding.

      Sorry, wish I could do more.


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      I was considering the not charging part. She already gave a down payment, And I was going to not charge any more.

      I guess it’s dealing with the customer that I was worried about. I’m just about done doing what Aspider said- and it’s okay- but there is some jerkyness that I really couldn’t do without the vocals in. I shot it like I had a second camera, and it was on the other side of the church- where it got bumped. I said still, and I suppose I should say wide angle. I have most of it done, and the vows turned out okay, it’s just the whole “Is it ready yet? ” and then the rudeness because it took longer. I told them it would from the second I saw the bump footage. I didn’t give them a date because I had no idea how long it would take. I dunno. Weddings aren’t my main thing anyway. After this I think I’m through with them.

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      I understandwherethe groom iscoming fromhere- it’s his (and his new wife’s!) wedding, andthey want tohave many memoriesof it.It’s unfortunatehehasgotten upset likethis, but justremember that witha lotofcompaniesoutthere peoplehaveto get upset before their error gets fixed.It doesn’tmakeitright- it just seemsto be what works (especiallybig box stores- they don’tlike peoplemaking scenes).

      Thatsaid,Icompletely understandwhere youarecoming from-ittakesa lotof effort, skill,time, and creativityto edit a wedding.Andthat’swhen youhaveallgoodfootage.When yourfootageisless than optimal ittakesall your creativity andskillandcan be very frustrating (I was editing somefootage from ashowIrecorded forsome people awhile back andthey basicallymademe stick mycamerainthe back… editingthe footage was very frustrating!).

      But you did promise the bride and groom avideo and youneedtogivethemsomething. Itsoundslike you’vegotsome great advice sofar.

      A couplethings youcould lookinto arethe Deshaker plugin for Virtualdub.Ithelpsremove shakienessinvideo with the catch beingthatit electronicallyzoomsinto picturetodoso (the amountof zoom depends on the amountof shakieness).This mighthelpremove that shakieness youhad.

      Another optionwould beto work on sort oflike aslow-mo musicvideo kind of “dream” sequence ofthe wedding.That way youcan highlight the “mainpoints” ofthe wedding, suchas whenthe brideand groom kiss attheceremony,etc,withoutneedingtoo much footage.Maybe youcould dothisalongside with giving “stock”footageoftherestofthe wedding withfull audiosotheycan hear their vows orsomething (orfind a wayto putthe vowsinto the dreamvideo… my original thought was to do that with a complete audio dub).

      I don’tmeanto beharshhere, but you promisedsomethingtothecustomerand “thecustomerisalwaysright” so youneedto givethem something.If you’llre-read his emailhe wasn’tnecessarily lookingfor a specificdate,buttheconfidencethat youwould be working onit.

      It kindofsoundslikehe interpreted what you said as “I’ll get to it when I feel like it.” It’s kind of the same situation when I worked as off-hour IT help for a local company. One of the Execs called me up and asked for some computer assistance (it needed to be plugged in, btw :-P) so I told him I’d be over to his office in a few minutes. I meant this as it would take me a few minutes to walk across the grounds to his office. He took it as “I want to finish what I’m doing, so when I’m done I’ll come over” and wasn’t happy. Little misunderstandings like this can cause a lot of bad words to be thrown about, but you just need to push through and let your skill shine through. Try to be as nice to your customers no matter what they say- a happy customer on average tells 6 other people, but an unhappy customer on average tells 21 other people.

      One morething: youmayhave been looking for sympathy orsimply tryingtoshow howthe groom wasreacting, but Ifeelit’s very unprofessionaltopostemailslikethat online (I hope youchanged his nameinthe emailatleast).Email is often expectedto beconfidential and people can get even more upset than this groom is by seeing an email like this posted online (it’s happened to me and I got very upset about it).

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      One morething…I just noticed yourlink is “/dick”

      I hope either yourname is dick ormaybethe groom’s firstorlastnameisdick. If youarereferingto the groom beinga “PITA” that’s unprofessional on every level.

      Since I’m sure your moreprofessionalthanthat, I’ll assume it’s the groom’slastname. 🙂

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      Prodad Mercalli might help. Digital Juice just ended a special on this (if you call them they may let you get in on it though).


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      I can’t look at your videos because they are in Real format. Real is the pariah in video delivery, has the smallest penetration in the PC world and has a nasty reputation for installing spyware on your PC.

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      Contract, Contract, Contract. Refer back to your contract that he signed.

      That is my suggestion. My contract is a 14 page CYA (Cover Your Ass) contract that cover EVERY possible situation. I had a situation just recently. The bride kept wanting me to make all of these changes nearly 2 months after the fact, and she was beginning to get down right nasty.

      I gave my bride the Approval copy of her DVD to check for error. I emphasize ERRORS.

      2 months and multiple re-edit requests later, she sent me a final email on a Friday that said “This will be my last correction… I promise“.

      I emailed her that night after the edit was done, and told her that Everything was complete and that I had already begun the DVD burning and printing and I would have it the next morning.

      Lo-and-behold the next morning I get another email from her saying that she would like me to change something. Not an error, but something stupid. She decided that she didn’t like the song playing in the background of one of the dances during the reception and wanted me superimpose a different love song. This re-edit would have taken about 2 hours (with edits, rerendering, re-edit of DVD, etc) but I also had to reload all of herproject files back on the computer and recreate the file structure. As I told her over the phone, there was a time limit for requests for re-edits and I would be removing her project files immediately when I was done. To all of you, I do have backup copies of the tapes and clips, but I removed them from the computer to save space.

      I told her that I had already completed the DVD’s, “Just as I had promised in the last email” the night before. And that any further edits would not be possible because of what is stated above.

      Later that day she sends me an email. I have included it below:

      “I don’t understand.These areour wedding dvds thatwe will have for the rest of our lives, that we paid for. I would really appreciate you fixing this problem.Thanks.”

      In response, after speaking with other professionals in my area, I sent her page 7 of my contract that I went over page-for-page and line-by-line with her, the she and the groom signed, and that she has a copy of already.And I refered her to the specific lines and refered to how much time it would take me to make the re-edits.

      Her next email was simply. “Send the DVD to. . .”

      I have included page 7 of my contract below so you may see what she saw. If anyone would like, I can email you my FULL contract for you to cannibalize how you would like. Just send me a private message. I have had my lawyer look over it and approve.



      – The client agrees that Event Videos by Brandon is the exclusive official videographer retained by the client to cover the event.

      – If Client contracts with another person or entity to videotape any portion of the event, the Studio has cause to discontinue coverage and no monies will be refunded; or the Client will be charged an additional $300 per hour for each videographer present not associated with Event Videos by Brandon.

      – The client grants Event Videos by Brandon full production and editorial control regarding all aspects of this production and post-production services for this event.

      – In the event that a particular segment of the event being filmed is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not part of the final edited master, it is at the sole discretion of Event Videos by Brandon.

      – If something occurred during the taping of the event that the Client does not want to appear on the final DVD, the client must instruct Event Videos by Brandon, in writing, prior to the start of editing.

      – However this does not constitute a right, by the client, to have any production or editorial control or input.

      Event Videos by Brandon grants the client absolutely no production or editorial control.



      – When editing is complete, the client will be given an approval copy of the final DVD to make Event Videos by Brandon aware of any misspellings, missing names, unintentional omissions, or any other technical errors, as these types of editing errors will be corrected at no charge.

      – The client will be notified immediately when the Approval Copy is ready.

      – Changes that are not the result of any of the errors stated above, that will be classified a “Major Editing Changes”, are not guaranteed.

      – However, if such changes are granted and require more than one (1) hour of editing time, such extra time shall be bill at One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150) per hour.

      – If Major Editing Changes are granted, allow an addition four (4) weeks for re-edits.

      – Any corrections or changes must be requested within one (1) week upon receipt of approval DVD.

      – After one (1) week from delivery of approval DVD, Event Videos by Brandon is not liable for any errors or requested changes.

      – Upon the client’s approval of the approval DVD or after the one (1) week time limit has expired, Event Videos by Brandon will require at least an additional one (1) week to prepare the clients final set of DVDs in completed form.



      Event Videos by Brandon will make no official estimations on the amount of time it will take to log, capture, and edit the clients final DVD.

      – Further, Event Videos by Brandon will make no official estimation as to the delivery date of the Approval DVD to the client.

      – Editing times can be affected by options selected and complexity of the wedding.

      – Editing times can also be affected by editor illness, injury, computer or technical malfunction, excessive workload, and acts of God, among other unforeseen circumstances.

      – Please understand that Event Videos by Brandon strives to make the best possible video for their clients. This effort will take time.

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      Ipersonallyguaranteenothing for myweddingDVDs, just a DVd with some video on it. I tell them that there are to many factors involved with a one time live weddingceremonythat could go wrong, my camera could break, my tapes could run out, my camera might notactuallybe recording when I think it is, I might not get any audio, my second/back up camera might betknockedover, etc. IF the footage and or audio is bad, I will put a 5-10 minmontage.Hopefullyeverything will go right and they will get 2 DVDs FULL of over 5 videos.

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