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What should i buy?

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    Got a quick question for you
    knowledgeable pros out there; I am looking for an inexpensive camera that also
    has a mic jack. It will be used to produce video that will only be shown
    on you tube I will be doing some
    interviews using an external mic. Any ideas on camcorder and mic? Thanks!

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    canon HV 40…think that is the latest one

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    there is a hd camera by zoom:

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    Moab Man

    Any of the Canon’s at whatever your pocket book can afford. They are the only brand I found at lower levels of cost that have mic jacks. Of course the more you spend the more features the camera has.

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    kodak Zi8 has a mic jack too

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    Moab Man

    That is really cool the little Flip video style Kodak Zi8 has a mic jack, but yet most of the rest of market making traditional style video cameras can’t seem to fit it in. Pretty impressive little unit from the info on their site, but it looks like they may have discontinued it (some places still have some in stock online) per the “No Longer Available.”

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