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      Hi all

      I am looking to go on a kayaking trip for 3 months with no access to power. I am looking for a camera that will be capable of production quality audio and video. The necessities are:

      Must be compact cause Id rather like to pack some food too

      Must have alot of storage space with option of recording to sd card

      Must have the option of purchasing larger batteries.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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      Have you looked into these? records toSDHC cards uses AAA Lithium batteries (and lithium/ion rechargables) at 2 hrs of record time on a set. Some models have waterproof case good to 180 ft. Weighs in at just under 6 oz. with batteries. There is not much out there that is smaller or lighter.


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      You can get some pretty good used cameras online, I believe the cannon GL2 may fit your needs. I found a few on http://www.onequality.com, along with a couple others that may also work. Good luck and I hope this helps you have a great camera for your trip.

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      The Canon Vixia line of camcorders should get you SOMETHING that fits the bill. Check out the Canon Vixia HF 20 or HF S20 – a good place to start for general comparison.

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