What should be done to get the most out of a new battery

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      Is there something I should do with a battery I just bought (haven’t used it yet) to maximize it’s ability?

      I heard that you should charge it all the way up, then use it until it’s completely dead. Is there something else I should know?

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      Good question.

      Yea, before the first time you use it, you should charge it completely. If it’s a lithium ion battery, you do not have to wait for it to die completely to charge it again.

      If you are not using a battery, store it in an environment that is not too hot or too cold. Just use common sense here, it’s not rocket science.

      If you do not shoot often, do not keep the battery on the camcorder when it’s stored. And by “not often,” I mean at least 6-months in between shoots, although I never put my camera in my bag with a battery attached. Too many times have I put my camera away and forgot to turn it off. Fortunately I have a bunch of batteries though…can never have too many batteries.

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      Thanks, I appreciate the tips.

      So if I just use common sense with it I should be ok. I read on a website that it’s actually bad to frequently let the battery go completely dead, so I won’t let that happen. It sounds like a good idea to take it off when I’m not using it too.

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      I think dropping batteries is bad for them too, but again…common sense.

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      HV30 Manual – see p.92


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