What sets AE apart from standard video editors?

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      I’ll admit I’m not a profesional but rather a serious hobbiest that may take on an occasional localjob here and there. I greatly enjoy video editing and am always looking to upgrade my skills and as such I am trying to educate myself on Adobe After Effects to determine if it is a skill I should acquire.

      I have viewed Adobe’s websitetutorial’s for After Effects and it seems everything in the tutorial I could also do easily in Vegas Pro 10. Granted I’m sure the tutorials are just hitting on the basics but what does AE have to offer that you can’t do in Vegas Pro or Final Cut that justifies a price tag of almost a grand.

      Thanks in advance

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      AE is not a NLE. It’s an effects app. It can’t do anything close to what vegas can audio-wise but it’s effects and compositing capabilities make it a natural compliment to any NLE. I have it open in the background in every edit session I do.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      After Effect is to make complex animations, including particles, 3 dimensional movements and many, many other things. You can do many similar things in your NLE, but with After Effects its way easier and you have more options. Although the learning curve is high, once you master it, you will be able to do wonders.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      That’s what’s great about AE. It soo easy to use. A manual didn’t even have to be cracked back when I started on it, looong before adobe had ever heard of it. Today, sites like videocopilot, ecet ect ect, man, there is just no reason a novice can’t tear into the heaviest of projects.

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      Is AE a stand alone program or will it only work together with CS5? Can AE be used with any other NLE? I went to the AE website but could not find the answer.

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      ^^^ Good question ^^^

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      I am almost in a similar boat. I think I have finally come close to mastering Sony Vegas Pro 10. Alright so mastering it is a far cry, but I can definitely get around in the program and do pretty much anything it has to offer.

      A few weeks back I ventured into the Adobe area, and have been having a lot of fun in AE using the trial version of CS5. While most items you do in After Effects in theory could be handled with Vegas, AE sure streamlines it and its layout is set up to better handle the zillions of layers (my opinion). I have found the controls a bit easier to handle and get them to do what I want them to do much easier than Vegas. Videocopilot.net (as mentioned above) has done wonders in helping to understand what the program is doing. I first started just mirroring what Andrew was doing in the videos and was getting results, but you really want to slow that down to understand WHY he does certain things in certain orders and what each effect control does. For me I WILL purchase this very soon, and I will still use Vegas Pro 10 as my main editor.

      While I am sure AE would have a bit more seamless integration with Premiere Pro (and that is just a guess), I have not had an issue using it to polish up my Vegas projects, and unless someone can give me great reason to use Premiere Pro over Vegas Pro, I will probably never learn that NLE.

      Which brings me to:

      Rohlux, You CAN use AE with virtually any NLE. AE is great for tiny segments of a video, you render out the segments and then place those segments in your preferred NLE. No tricks, no magic, AE just makes simple video files (alright so if you go uncompressed HD as I do for my AE segments the size might not be so simple, but still simple enough to use!)

      Here is a sample I uploaded just last week and one of my very first projects using AE for the effects, and EVERYTHING else is Vegas Pro 10. The only exception being the very first video segment (the 20th Century Fox parody) which I used Blender (free) to get the exact effect I was after.

      Please don’t hate the story here. It was made up AFTER the test footage was shot, and then written by my 8 year old son. This is simply a demonstration of combining, AE, with Vegas Pro 10:


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      To Clarify, AE was only used for the rotoscoping and design of the planets. All other effects, overlys etc were still handled by Vegas.

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      Every time I think I am getting close to expert level with Vegas, I see some tutorial or example by someone like D. Eric Franks, Douglas Spotted Eagle, Jeffrey Fischer, John Rofrano and more that makes me crawl back to the edit bay with my tail between my legs to practice some more. Vegas is super easy to use and you can do amazing things with it, but it is very feature rich and if you venture into some of the advanced places you will amaze yourself.

      Just a couple of examples:

      Height Maps: http://digitalproducer.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=141417

      Difference Masking: http://www.sundancemediagroup.com/articles/dayvids/difference_masking_in_sony_vegas.htm

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      Using that height map for some live footage of someone jumping into a lake etc and having the title follow the exact ripples created looks pretty sharp as well!

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      Great script there, Elijah!

      I shall delve some more into AE. By all accounts it may be too technical for me. I have just downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premier Pro and believe me, I am spooked. The entry level NLEs I seem to be coping with but it will be a while before I’ll have the confidence for more upmarket software.

      Thanks for the reply, doublehamm. I trust your stand up comedy gig is still going strong ?

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      The comedy gig is still in the works. It is on a “summer break” right now and hoping to go full force in the fall. We are trying to get sponsors, as I did the last couple shows for free. MY CHOICE. Fox was interested in it but not the production of it (good for me as I wouldn’t have to be replaced!). We are also trying to get the attention of another regional channel who would split the advertising revenue from commercials. They called the demo version too dark, so we are working on some of the lighting and hopefully come across a format that would better fit a 30 minute time slot and record 3 shows at a time.

      As for Premiere Pro, the 30 mins or so I tried of it I hated it, but that was mostly because I was used to Vegas. I like with Vegas being able to literally edit right on the timeline naturally. With Vegas being cheaper than Premiere pro in the first place, you may want to check it out. AE will work just as well with Vegas!

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