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      As a guy with some old video editing software I’m curious what others do with it? I ask this cause they can be recycled to other members looking for specific program. I myself am on the search for Vegas Pro but cant shell out much due to a small budget for film making. I’m sure there are more out there like me. I’d rather put the money into props etc but know they mean nothing without a decent program. So do you throw your old software out or do you recycle it to other people?

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      Grinner Hester

      I utilize Avid’s upgrade plans when I have to.If memory serves, Avid gave me 10 grand for my old Symphony towards the purchase of it’s replacement.

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      I retire a system (computer and software) this way: install new drive and os. take old drive label and store… the kids get the computer and I got the means if needed to re-instal the old drive/os software…. that way if I ever need to open an old legacy file, I got the means….

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      I sell my older stuff I always keep the last version though until I see the new version has all the bugs worked out of it

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      oops sorry mine is Vegas pro I have 10 now but I am keeping my pro 9 for a while because its pretty solid. i do have I my old Pro 8 and even 7 for now all my other Vegas pros I sold already

Viewing 4 reply threads
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