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      This has probably been discussed before, but why is there no forum here for Edius? Where I live there are about as many videographers using Edius as either Premiere Pro or Final Cut and more so than Vegas, for what that’s worth. Just wondering…

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      I’ve never actually heard about this one before, but now I’m interested in it. How does it compare to the ‘heavy hitters’ like Avid and Premire Pro?

      I’m going to have to download the trial now and see what it’s like.

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      ralck Wrote:

      How does it compare to the ‘heavy hitters’ like Avid and Premire Pro?

      My understanding is that Edius is lacking in some advanced areas like alpha support, plus there aren’t many plugins for it, but other than that it’s pretty good. The main claim to fame is impressive real-time performance, either with or without optional hardware cards like Edius NX. It also apparently has some of the best support available for the latest HD formats, including most camera-specific HDV modes and excellent DVCProHD support in the "Broadcast" version of the product.

      For more info see these links:


      FYI, you have to register on the web site to get the trial download.

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      Another great strength that Edius has is being part of Grass Valley’s infrastructure with their Indigo video mixers and other high end video gear. Event videographers really benefit from that.


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