What MiniDV Tape to Purchase for GL2?

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      I did a search and the last time this topic came up was three years ago, so I thought it might be time to revisit it… 🙂

      Anyway, I am waiting for a GL2 to arrive and while doing some further research on it, I have found that there seems to be tape transport issues with this model. Some think it is due to just a poor component choice by Canon (which they, of course, deny), while others seem to think it might be due to bad tapes or mixing multiple brands of (bad?/good?) tapes.

      Because of this, I plan on using only one brand/type of tape with a regular cleaning regimen (recommendations on tape cleaners would be good… Sony and Canon have come up as being good).

      I have seen that MiniDV tapes have run from 60 to 83 minutes in SP mode. Has anyone tried any of these longer play tapes and how have they worked?

      What brands is recommended here for the GL2? Of course, I would prefer a tape that doesn’t cost $10 each like some of the Sony’s on Amazon.com. I do a lot of shopping at Sam’s and Costco, so if what they carry are good, then that would be ideal. At least from the standpoint of readily available and relatively inexpensive.

      Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Iuse Sony Premiumtapes (the cheapest Sony tapes) myself becausethat’s what theguywho owned my vx2000 beforemeused and I’ve never had a problem with them. I can get them on Amazon.com for 11.70 a 5 pack and if I buy 3 packs at a time I get free shipping. I haven’t been able to beat that price with any other brand of tape or other website.

      If your GL2isused, you might wantto askthe original owner what kind oftapetheyused and stick with atleastthesame brand.

      Ialsohave beentold that tape issues from awhile back don’t happenso muchany more because tapemanufacturer’shave donea better job makingtheirtapesand camerasarebuilt more robustly now.I wastoldthis byaprofessional videographer whenI was workingwith him on agig and askedifIcoulduse my Sonytapesinsteadof his Panasonictapes…sohe mighthave justmade it upto getmetouse histapes. 😛

      Inanycase, Panasonic, Sony,and Canonhaveprettygoodtapes.Ihear thatsome brandslike TDKhave a lotof drop-outs, but I’veneverusedthemsoIcan’tsay for certain.

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      I have a GL2 and tried to find the answer in the manual and on canon sites; couldn’t find an answer. So i just decided to go with Panasonic tapes. I’ve never had a problem. I think the thing to do is always use the same tapes, whether you go with Panasonic, Sony, ect.

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      Thanks for the responses. I guess I’ll try the Sony or Panasonic tapes then. Guess they must be pretty good if they will put them through their own equipment. Thanks for your help!

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