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      I will be graduating high school this year and going to community college for 2 years. After that I will be going to Film School. At both colleges, they use macs with Final Cut Pro. So, I wanted to get a head start with the mac interface and Final Cut Pro. Here is my dillema. I have 3 options. First, I can buy a low end mac, like a Powermac g4 500mhz single processor, for about 300 dollars. Second, I could save up for a little bit longer and get a mac dual processor g4 for about 550. Lastly, I can save up quite awhile and get a macbook pro. My theory was to start on a low end mac like a g4 and work my way up, but I don’t want to waste money for obsolete paperweights. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

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      This years super-computer is next years paper weight. X-D
      OK, it’s not quite that bad. But it might be a good idea to study the minimum requirements for Final Cut, then get a computer just a little better than that. By the time you’re out of film school, there should be more powerful computers on the market, at or below the price of this years computers.

      That’s my theory anyhow. 🙂
      Ken Hull

      P.S. — Can you find out if the school works entirely in hi-def? If so, you probably would want your home system to be powerful enough for hi-def. But if the school starts you out in standard-def, then don’t sweat it. Just get a computer good enough for that. Let the school spend the big bucks for hi-def equipment. 😉

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