What light can damage a video camera?

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      Hi, this is sort of a strange one but maybe someone has some knowledge on the subject!

      What sort of light can damage a video camera?
      I am producing a corporate video that involves filming lasers . This involves exposing the camera to (very) short pulses of light of which wavelengths are in the infra red. One person i know has experienced damage on his camera from one of the more powerful models but not with lower energy models (which i’m told will not damage the camera). Put into practice the camera picks up a bright (coloured) flash that cannot be seen be the human eye with the lower energy models when they are used and although do not appear to be being damaged i was wondering if exposing the camera to these wavelengths could in fact be damaging it.

      I know its a bit specific but i’ve been unable to find any literature on the subject so would be very grateful if anyone had any ideas!

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