What kind of camera do I need to stream video at 1024×768 HD?

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      Right now i have this camera http://www.productshub.com/JVC-GRSXM260U/ its about 4 years old and I lost the power cord along time ago. If this is a good camera I can buy a power cord but is there any kind of way to connect it to my PC? All it has is RCA cables. I have searched around a little and Best Buy sales TV Tuner Cards for 149.99 that have RCA inputs or maybe I can find a RCA to USB adapter for kinda cheep. The cheapest I have found so far are like $80.0.

      Buy the time I spend that much would I be better off just getting a new camera?

      If so what kind do I need. At best I want to be able to stream HD video at 1024×768 but I will go down for price if that will cost to much. Are there any cameras that you guys could recommend me?

      Thanks so much for the advice.

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      To get RCA into your computer, you would need a converter box that has RCA inputs and then firewire. Go from the converter box to your computer with the firewire. Video doesn’t go through USB.

      I don’t know which cameras to suggest to you. I’m guessing you’ll be looking into the consumer level, and I don’t know whats available because I don’t even look at that class. Maybe someone else can point you into the right direction with that. Check out one of Videomakers camera buyer’s guides too.

      I don’t suggest streaming video at such a large resolution either. Typically, standard definition at 4:3 aspect ratio is posted on the internet as 320X240 (i think 320X180 if it’s 16:9 aspect ratio)

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      Thanks for the advice.

      Let me tell you what i am trying to do and see if that helps any. I am trying to stream a video of a Tarantula. I want it to be HD because its going to be in a low light setting because they are most active at night. I am not worried about bandwidth so I would like to beable to keep the screen res unless its really costly.

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      “I want it to be HD because its going to be in a low light setting”

      I don’t think a camera automatically works better in low light situations because it’s HD. You have to looks at the specifications of the cameras you are looking at and take notice of minimal illumination required. For example, 1 lux, 3 lux, 5 lux whatever…

      Also, when you change the resolution, i believe it’s best to keep the valuesdivisible by it’s original values. So I’m not sure why you want to have a resolution of 1024X768 when it doesn’t go evenly into 1280X720 or 1920X1080.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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