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      I took an art film production class this semester. We where given 3 projects, and had to simply follow the stipulations given for each one and make a short piece. A friend was in the class with me, so when we could team up, we did. Him shooting/directing, me starring in one. Me shooting/directing and him starring in another, and the other project was individual. Just though since the class is done, I’d post them up here for comments or whatever anyone has to say about them. Enjoy.

      Can’t Read My Monsters Face: Animated Short

      In the first short we had to use animation of some kind, and we decided to use stop motion animating of humans. It’s Pretty much a farce of silent film styling to a story conceived by Johnny. We shoot it with actors being animated, in a way reminiscent of Jan Svankmajer, an artist both me and johnny love. It Plays with concepts of personal image andacceptance…but with a twist.


      Communism!: Found Footage Short

      This is the second short. we where given old 16mm footage and asked to edit it into our own FoundFootage short. Mine was from a mid 50’s educational short about the 5senses. I turned it into a farceand mockery of American paranoia, and 50’s cold war American culture. And the short is meant to be satirical. Nothing said in it is my actual belief or ideology.

      Bryan’s Song: Dialogue Short

      This is the third project. We had to use only a set piece of dialogue given to everyone in class. And where toldto use it any way we wanted, but that dialogue being the only words said in the piece. So me and Johnny chose to make acontemporary Hip-Hop music video. Johnny wrote the song, and performed it as the artist. With me shooting and directingit, as well as doing some cameo appearances as a dancer, and at the end for aninside joke. (The song is named after the professor of the class. A buddy of ours.)

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      Fun, I suppose, and a grade? Generally acceptable production value for a course video, and I understand you had class assigned limitations but nothing really jumped out and slapped me in the face. Some entertainment value, I suppose, certainly nothing that strikes me as having ANY potential from the producers/directors for future commercial/entertainment value.

      It isn’t radical – well the satire piece was more provocative IMHO, and actually well-executed/produced. Good use of film look/treatment for purposes of visuals/narrative – enough, outlandish, or inventive enough to stand out from every other class project in the thousands of such productions at “institutions of higher learning” (or not) from around the globe.

      BUT, you did it! You made something happen! You put forth an effort and you learned something in the process. Your next round of production will be even MORE creative and reflective of GREATER production values.

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      Well thank you sir for your kind words. We didn’t really aim to blow anyone’s mind with these. We where extremely limited, and just took those limits and thought “How can we make this as fun as possible?” And I suddenly remembered this evening that we can post collections of work here for comment and such. So though “Why not?”

      We haven’t gotten the grade yet. we hand in “Bryan’s Song” tomorrow evening at class. But so far getting an A. The proffessor is a quarky interesting fellow, a true art film enthusiast. But one of my favorites to work with due to that. The shorts where deffinitly aimed at him seeing them and grading them, for his enjoyment most of all. So I guess we did have some form of intended audience to reach, except it was one person, not a demographic. And we seemed to of reached it in the end.

      And just as you said, I learned alot making these. Got alot of experience, and will definitively build in my ability from them. But, I did ultimately achieve what I wanted in the end. To make the kind of thing that you would see and laugh at on youtube. Except with some form of production value, Artistic depth (Even if only a bit) and each having some sort of meaning in the end. Whether it be social, satirical, or otherwise.

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