What is the F Track?

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      OK, I found a copy of Avid Free DV and am learning it with many problems that I’ve been gradually overcoming.

      One puzzle is, in my Timeline, I have this strange track on top with the abbreviation “F”. I understand what “V”, “A1”, “A2” and even what “TC” is. But this “F” track is a puzzler. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and I’m wondering if it is the reason for some of my other problems. The “clip” thing on it looks like a video clip in Sony Vegas, but this isn’t Vegas and it doesn’t look like the Avid video clip on the track below. There’s a wierd looking TV staticlooking thing inside.

      Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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    Noone’s ever seen an F track? Wow! This is more intense than I thought!

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    i don’t use avid, but I’ll hazard a guess and say “F” stands for FX track maybe, possibly, sorta kinda….. good luck with it though


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    Ah. A possiblity. Thanks!

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    I finally got Avid Free DV to work!!!! I’m jazzed! I justclicked onthis “Toggle Digital Video On” icon on the timeline and that seems to have fixed it.

    The mysterious F track now shows my video from the V track so I can see what each clip is. It’s seems to be very useful, because if I don’t know what clip is which, I can just look up on the F track and see a frame of the video. Interesting. It’s kinda like Vegas.

    I don’t really care as long as it works.

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