What is the best way to film an interview style video?

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      This doesn’t just apply to interviews, but it’s the best way to describe it. In terms of using microphones for both camera’s, whats the best way to film and edit two people talking with different shots? Picture a 20/20 interview.


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      Two different ways would be: Each mic would be fed to an audio mixer, from which a line level ( as opposed to a mic level ) signal would feed each camera. For a simple two-camera setup, each mic could be connected to a mic input of your ” A ” camera ( one to the left audio channel, other to the right audio channel ). The onboard mic of your ” B ” camera would serve as a guide track for editing purposes.

      Rick Crampton

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      Thanks for the response Rick!

      For your second option though, wouldn’t it be easier just to have the microphones in each camera and then sync from there?

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      Why do anything the easy way? ( just kidding ) Being more sound-oriented, I would prefer to have one master audio track. For instance, if the two people were in an animated discussion with several overlaps in their conversation, the one master audio track would handle the overlaps easier and better than trying to re-create the overlaps in editing. If there were a separate audio track for each camera, trying to re-create the overlap in editing would result in an off-mic component in the final audio mix.

      Rick Crampton

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      If you have the gear, manpower etc,,, three cameras, one on a two shot, each of the others a single shot, run audio to the wide shot, and each of the other cameras (double mic) and if you want to be really anal about audio, run to another digital recorder. Basic Triangle video coverage.

      alternative, two cameras, one on each subject, remember the 180 degree rule (and for the three camera set up as well) and same thing with the audio, one each to each camera, and another channel to a digital recorder for sync later.

      Alternative three… one camera on your subject, then when interview is done, move camera for reversal shot on interviewer, but keep running audio, because you do want the interview subject to talk and not just be a cardboard cutout. and you sometimes get real nuggets of soundbites that way. Of course you will need some B-roll to cover it, but you should be getting the shot of the interviewer at that point anyway.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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