What is the best monitor to use for filming live events?

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      We just started live streaming at my church, right now it’s a simple operation of one camera and a mac, the problem is that I need to be able to view what my camera person is shooting so I can adjust shots as needed without having to rely on the live stream preview which has a 2-3 sec delay on it. I’m using a Sony Hvr-A1u camera which we tried hooking up to a inexpensive 15″ flat screen, the monitor was interfering with my audio feed so I took it back. So my question is what monitor can I use that won’t interfere with my audio feed and is fairly inexpensive?

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      Check out B&H “field monitors.” Marshall electronics has some very good, relatively inexpensive monitors — we use them and they provide an excellent picture — and the Ikan line is pretty good as well.


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      Thank you, i will definitely check them out.

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