what is the best freeware dvd authoring/burning program that burns subititles?

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      i usually use dvdflick to author/convert movies then nero express to burn dvd’s. i tried authoring a movie with subtitles and i added them just like the guide said, but when i watched the converted files, there were no subtitles. i tried burning them anyway, still no subtitles. tried it again with a different movie, still no subtitles. i’m guessing dvdflick doesn’t work well in this department, can someone suggest a different program that burns subtitles well? the subs are .srt files by the way. and they work fine when i watch the movies.

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      Why can’t you just add subtitles with the editing software and then burn using dvdflick or DVDStyler?

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      no, the movie already has subtitles. But it’s not hardcoded onto the file, it’s a separate .srt file. i’m looking for a freeware program that burns ,srt files effectively

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      Have you already tried this one, I mean is there really a DVD burning software that can do this? In able to do this, you need to reverse engineer the movie and embed the subtitle to the movie itself.

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