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      Sure this has been asked somewhere but dont know what to search for. Point me in the right direction please. When copying video from my Sony camcorder to XP Movie maker, or using any other video capture program, there appears a line at the bottom of the copied video that is static of some sort. There is no line on the camcorder video when viewed through the camcorder screen. I just saw this same thing happen when copying from a VHS recorder. I’m using the rca jacks to input to the computer but have also tried the S-video output. Both produce the same results. A very thin line at the bottom of the video that is static. Thats the best way i can describe it. I;ve used diffferent methods of captur. PCI card, USB adapter and it happens on a completely different computer as well. What is going on? Thanks….

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      That’s normal when capturing analog video. I wondered about that when I first started capturing my VHS-C video.

      While you’ll see it while editing your video, if you’re rendering to DVD to be shown on a CRT TV, it won’t be seen. It’ll be in the area known as “overscan”. Google it for more information. However, if you’ll be playing it on the PC or an LCD TV, you could zoom in your video a percent or two to eliminate it.

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      Ahhh, great. Thanks….

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      I usually just “clip” or “crop” the video noise out, because zooming just a little bit will cause some reduction in quality.

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