What is it that gives widescreen video the black bars?

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      We all know that when you watch something shot in 16:9 on a 4:3 Television, you get the wide picture but the black bars on the top and bottom. What is the cause of this? Does the TV generate it, or is it part of the print on a Widescreen VHS or part of the signal that a broadcaster sends…I can understand that DVD can have two different aspect ratio selections, so it doesn’t really apply here.

      But, if I were to watch a Widescreen VHS on a 4:3 set, I’d have the black bars. If I watched it on a widescreen TV, would the bars still be there? Are those bars printed onto the video tape? Same question goes for broadcast TV, do the broadcasters send out movies they have in widescreen that don’t go through Pan-And-Scan with those black bars, or does a 4:3 TV generate them? Would a widescreen broadcast have the bars on a 16:9 set? Or is it only really DVDs that can be watched on a Widescreen set in 16:9 without black bars?

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