what is final cut?

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      i recently got a mac and i have a sony vx2100 on the way and i was wondering what final cut is? i used to have a little panasonic camcorder and i just used imovie hd but since i’m gonna be getting a sony vx2100 i was thinking if imovie hd is too unprofessional. i’m basically gonna be using my sony vx2100 for skateboarding purposes and eventually make a video and i’ve heard about final cut and that but i was wondering how much it costs and what kind of final cut i should get.


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      Final Cut is a higher end editing software. Well, higher end than Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. If you know it, you’ll get more jobs than the others…usually.

      I got turned down for a job today because I know Final Cut rather than Avid. Oh, well.

      Itook a Final Cut Pro class in college. But I like Vegas a lot better because Macs aren’t my thing at all an d because I think in terms of audio most of the time. Vegas is also a lot cheaper.

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      Right. Final Cut and Avid both have steeper learning curves than Vegas or Premiere. If your a beginner it might beeasier to stick with Vegas Home Studio or Premiere Elements at first.


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      If you have a MAC and you aren’t in need of a pro editor, I would recommend using either the i-editing suite that came with the Mac or if you want to purchase a fuller featured one, get Funal Cut Express. That should be fine for you.

      FC Express will run about $100. Standard for consumer apps.
      FC Pro will run from $1200 to $1400 depending on where you buy it.

      You make the call.

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      Do you get as much in those other programs as you do in Final Cut Studio 2? I mean, you get a whole digital studio when you buy the bundle. 1200 isn’t that much for pro video editing, pro sound editing, motion graphics, pro color grading, DVD authoring and some other little things.

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      No, the smaller programs are really just video editing. But like I asked before… what are you going to be editing for? Home or pro?

      $1200 – $1400 is a lot to spend on an occaisional home video.

      FC Express is actually a really good Video editing program.

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