What is considered broadcast quality video?

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      What is considered broadcast quality video? Can it only be obtained through firewire (my camera firewire port is busted) or will USB stream work at 9mbps and 640×480? I’m new to the requirement of haveing this quality of video and dont know much.

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      It’s not really about the transfer method, but more about picture quality. In a nutshell, and I know this is oversimplified, you need a 3 CCD camera to approach broadcast.

      There are low-end 3 chip cameras with excellent quality, but I’m sure the pros will tell you you can’t get to broadcast without a $5K investment in a camera.

      Anyway, I may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain you cannot get to broadcast quality with a sincle chip (1 CCD) camera.

      my .02


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      I’m unsure of the actual meaning of the word “broadcast quality” as I see it thrown around in so many ads these days, but I have notice there is a definite quality difference between my non-HD video quality (even at the highest settings) and the quality of just about any professionaly produced DVD movie on the market. I think of “broadcast quality” as more of a descriptive term than a technical one since I have never come across a quality scale with an actual reference to mathematical values.

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