What is best computer for Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium

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I've decided to bite the bullet and buy Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium. What do you think is the best computer and/or computer configuration for this software? The computer will be largely dedicated to video production work.

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Really depends on how much cash you want to chuck at this and whether you're more comfy working in the mac or pc environments. Just so you know the majority of the systems you see demoing CS5's MPE are tricked out with lots of high-end RAM (up to 32GB), dual multi-core CPU's (8-12), Solid-State Drives on at least the OS drive and the mid-range or better of the 3 NVIDIA GPU's recommended. Just those components alone are verrrry expensive. For a workstation like that, cheap is not the operative word. At that level Mac's or PC's cost pretty much the same give or take a few thou' here or there.

If you're not into building your own workstations then as I said pre-built mac's or pc's are your only bets. Though both types use the very same components now (unless you use AMD CPU's) slight differences in the OS' and supporting software/gear are where they diverge. The mac guru's can tell you more about the latest 'G-whatever' and it's strong/weak points. On the PC end for pre-builts I'd have to say that the HPZ800 is the kingpin workstation (seriously rivalling anything apple has to offer too) for under $10k. Here's a review of the Z800 that goes into far more detail than I care to. If you want to know more about how to build a comparable WS, that's another post altogether.

HPZ800 Review

If you're running a serious outfit and can justify the investment, whether mac or pc you'll need a spec'd out rig to run this new software at the level to make it worth the money.

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Suggested read,VM article covering what to look for in a computer (Mac or PC)to give you some points to ponderfor your decision making. Pay close attention to the "Research Tech Specs" section.


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