what is a ‘key number’?

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      I am having to produce a couple of videos for a client that is sponsoring my city’s football team. The 30 sec spots will play on the screens at the stadium. The stadium’s tech people have let us know that each spot must have a ‘key number’.

      Can anyone explain exactly what they mean? And what is a ‘key number’ in the modern sense…I know for film they are this:

      <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Numbers on the side of film stock created during film manufacture that
      are visible on the developed negative and positive prints made

      But can someone explain what they are requesting when asking for a key number?


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      They are not referring to film. A key number in film would be somewhat similar to Timecode in video with the difference that the user can’t modify it (its associated to specifics frames). Probably you have to talk to them to clarify. They may be asking just to start your spot in some specific timecode to facilitate finding it during the event… who knows?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      ask em. In all my days of providing jumbotron fodder for games and events, I’ve never been asked for a key number or supplied one. I’d guess they want a 2pop but you’ll only know once ya ask em.

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      What’s a 2pop?

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      a countdown to the spot

      You’ll have a minute of bars and tone, 8 seconds of slate, 2 seconds of black with the spot starting at one hour even. You can incorporate the 2 pop with the slate. It’s called a 2 pop because it pops 2 seconds before the show… or in this case, the commercial.

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