What holidays & how much?

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      What holidays would you be willing to work, and for how much? I am thinking specifically of Christmas (and other related days of observance for various religions, beliefs and faiths – or not). For some of us most holidays amount to “just another day” but even so would you attach a premium to it?

      I know there will be some cute and catty comments shared, but I hope a few will give this topic some serious consideration before responding, hopefully, in a candid and professional manner.

      Because all my family is out-of-state, 98 percent in Texas, and I am on the West Coast, usually either volunteering my time (particularly on Thanksgiving and Christmas days, sometimes New Year’s Day) at the local homeless shelter or food distribution center, and because the possibility of a Christmas Day gig has come up, I wondered how others would approach this. Due to my lifestyle I would provide event production coverage, but WOULD most definitely require a significant premium over my standard rates to do so.

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      I am actually a programmer (for lack of a better word) by trade and for many years I have argued among my peers that deep down we’re really just prostitutes – It’s not what will we do for the money it’s how much it will take.

      If working on a sacred (to you) holiday is a matter of payment then mybe it is not all that sacred – For example, if you are a devout Christian would you work on Good Friday (many do) or Easter Sunday (same here)? No – How about if you were offered 100 Trillion dollars for that eight hour shift? See – It becomes a matter of how much it will take, not will you. (Remember the movie “An Indecent Proposal”?).

      Just MHO.

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      So having that said, maybe you should specify an amount in your budget to fly your entire family to the west coast in order to still spend the holiday together.

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      When I was running my own business, I have done that. I have also taken my family on business trips becuase many companies i have worked for allow it (I only pick up the additional airfare and food costs – hotel for everyone is covered).

      If a company wants your services enough, I have found there is very little they wont agree to.

      However, I was speaking about situational ethics (for the right price).

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