what hard drive camcorder to get

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      hi all

      im looking to buy a hard drive camcorder for filming Thai and cage fighting so i need something with good quality to capture it on good zoom, possibly a sony for the night shot plus as the areas i will be filming will be dark and something light weight i have a budget between 400-600

      any ideas welcome


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      The best one to get? In my humble opinion, none of them.

      Hard drive camcorders compress footage far more than the DV format does. If you want better quality video for editing, stick to MiniDV. Sure, they’re not as convenient with the instant video transfer later, but the picture difference is worth it, and they’re way more reliable. One time, I droped a hard drive recorder, and the hard drive was destroyed. I lost EVERYTHING. Hard drives just can’t take the same sort of abuse that MiniDV tapes can.

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      cheers On a Roll

      a lot of people ive spoke to have said this i just need to make sure, ive always thought that hdd would be better quality but i guess not. the main reason i wanted a hdd was for space saving but i suppose for editing reasons it causes problems

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      so what mini dv camcorder would be best to buy with a budget of 600 (space saving and good quality)

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      How much would that be in USD?

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      well 600 would be about $1220 so ill have that as a max, im looking for something small, nice looking and good quality (mainly quality) cheers moglepro

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      what about hdv is that format any good?

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      I have 3 JVC HD7’s (60 GB) and 1 JVC GZ-MG130 (30GB). I do action videos, 4×4 dirt racing, rodeos, and the odd tractor pull. I need to be able to get into and out of trouble quickly. These two cameras complaiment each other well. Although the GZ doesn’t shoot HD, it is small and light with almost as good of quality. In HD I have 5 hours of video on the HD7. How ’bout that DV? 5 hours? I think not! I can record a whole 8 lap race in HD X20 and still have HDD space left for the one off interview with a driver. For doing what I do and how I do it, these JVC HDD cameras are the cats a**. The HD format is 1080i.
      The negitive stuff?
      Well each camera stores it’s HDD files differently. The GZ uses *.mod file format and the HD7 uses *.tod format. They come with cyberLink DVD Producer software that is ‘old and slow’ to convert your files to *.mpg files. A waste of space. Just change the filr extensions (both *.tod and *.mod) to *.m2t and they go right in Sony Vegas without a hitch.
      The built in lens covers on both cameras are a very intricate group of moving parts, so to keep them out bof the dust, UV filters over the lens.
      Oh cost, in USD the HD7 is about $1600.00 and the GZ is about $600.00. You can find them cheaper but most of the time they are imports with some/all writing is not english.

      One last thing, why didn’t I choose Sony? I did I have a DCR-TRV480 but it doesn’t like the dust much. And I didn’t choose any HDD Sonys because I needed viewfinders and not LCD screens. So don’t yell about no Sony. PS these are my personal views and have nothing to do with either JVC or Sony, like the old american TV show Dragnet, "Just the facts, nothing but the facts".
      C Ya’

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      Howdy casper.

      Finding a great camera in that price range isn’t the easiest, but it’s not impossible.

      I’m going to admit that I’m a big Canon fan. I just like the stuff they make. You can’t afford brand new gear, but for the price you listed, a decent used camera like the XL-1s might be up your alley. It’s a good camera, older, but it has excellent quality. Just make sure you trust the company you buy from, and that you get the right format for your region (I’m assuming that you’re in Great Britain somewhere, so you’d want a PAL format camcorder.)


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      cheers for the replys guys, im trying to find a shop near me that would record some footage and let me play it but to see the quality i may try the collage to see if i can do it there

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