What happened to my video quality?

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      I have recently started filming local live punk shows and I have many long term plans with videography. I’m still very much new to this and I don’t really know what I’m doing.

      The camera I’m using is a <span style=”font-size: 1.1em; font-weight: bold;”></span>Sony CCD-TRV138 Hi8 Handycam. It’s at least a year old, I essentially got it as a gift and I don’t really know how much it was used beforehand. It’s been through some wear over the course of a year (in the worst case, a drunken idiot about smashed the camcorder) but was not used frequently for much of the time, I’ve only been able to convert two tapes to digital so far. Unfortunately the last tape I recorded was of considerably poorer quality, it seemed fine in the playback on the camcorder, I used a hi8 tape that had just been purchased, and I took it to a local business to get it converted. The video quality is much more distorted now.

      I have a feeling I’m going to need to invest in a new camera somewhere down the line eventually, most of my peers seem to like the “old school” vibe from these hi8 tapes and say that the audio quality is much better than most digital recordings that they’re used to. Most of the digital cameras I’ve looked at seem like they’d break into pieces if I sneezed on them as well, and if you watch the videos you’ll be able to tell that that’s a bit of a problem in the environment I’m recording in.

      Here are two examples of footage I’m talking about. The first video was taken about a year before the second one, and I used to the same business to get it converted. As you can tell the quality in the second video is much more distorted. Before I could record the second video I had to use a cleaning tape. What exactly is the distortion in the second video and what could be causing it? Is the problem from the camera or the conversion? Will I probably need to find a new camcorder?

      (disregard the description of the second video, it’s a joke if it isn’t obvious, the recording took place very recently)

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      Looks like there may be a problem with the recording head; it could just be really dirty or out of adjustment. See if you have a local video store that does repairs and see what they say and how much it would cost to fix.

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