What editing software program for a new Dell?

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      Hi All– I’m one of those die-hard Pinnacle lovers-gluton for punishment. Currently using Studio Plus 10.7. My computer guy says to run like the wind as far from it as I can, but I loved the user friendly capablities. This all goes out the window when I click on make movie and all my hard work and hours
      dissappear into cyberspace. I am getting a new Dell with dual processor and he wants to know what editing software program I want in it. My question: Has anyone used the new Pinnacle Version 11 Ultimate, and if so, what’s your feedback for me? SHould I run like the wind? Thanks in advance for your time in responding.

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      I know people who swear off Pinnacle. I don’t know people who swear by Pinnacle. However, Pinnacle was purchased by Avid, so I expect their new versions to be much better.

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      This is one of those questions to which you can get a different answer from everybody and they’re all right. My opinion is that I would never use Pinnacle. I would invest in learning to use a better program that’s maybe a bit more complex in order to do mo’ better stuff. My personal opinion is that nothing beats Adobe CS3. Nothing. No, not even FCP (for all you who just winced when I said that). Try the free trial version. I thought it was going to be basically the same as CS2 (and it is for the most part) but everything I remember not liking about the precious version (and more that I didn’t know I disliked) has been revamped/improved in CS3. I would give you a list but I don’t want to.

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      I played with Pinnacle – Got very frustrated – not by the interface, but by the constant crashing/hanging. I went for the baby Sony product – then called Screenblast Movie Studio, now called Vegas Movie Studio. It was love at first sight – Easy to use, powerful, reasonably priced (sub $100) – got great results from day 1.

      I have since moved up to the full blown Vegas+DVD suite and love it more each day. You can find it for around $400 so it’s one of the less expensive full featured NLE’s out there.

      As Endeavor said, you’ll get at least 1.25 opinions for every person out there and there is no right or wrong answer – It all depends on your personal taste and ability to learn differing types of systems.

      You can download a fully functional thirty day trial of any Sony product here:
      so you can play and see if you like it before plunking down your cash.


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      Endeavor and Birdcat gave some great advice there. I think the best thing might be to expand on what they said, and go and download trials for all of the software you are considering. Avid, Sony, Adobe, and others all have trials of their software, so why not download them all, see what you like, and then purchase that program? It’ll be a great way to get exactly what you want.

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      Thanks to you who responded. Just so you know, I’m waiting for my new iMac to be delivered.
      I also signed up for classes thru the Apple store for one on one where they will show you everything
      you need to know. They teach Final Cut and Adobe if you need. Thanks Endeavor for great advice.
      I see you here often, keep up the good work for everyone else. We need each other in tough times!

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      FCP and Avid are the way to go if you want to work professionally. Followed closely by Premiere. Premiere is my personal favorite much like endeavor. It is the best and finally is available on the mac! Premiere might overtake Avid in the coming years in television news, so watch out Avid.

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      Yeah, don’t get Pinnacle, it’s too unstable and has multiple crash errors. Pretty soon I’ll be getting Adobe Premiere CS3. I’m really excited.

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      If you want a simple user friendly interface like Pinnacle, but also want stability, try Premiere Elements.

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