What editing software for HD?

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      That’s the question…

      I keep hearing how HD is more difficult to edit, time consuming, etc…

      I am getting the impression that if I buy a HD camera, then I would have to buy another ‘dedicated’ computer…and would I need to procure an HD compatible editing suite? I have Videostudio, will thatedit HD files?

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      I don’t do HD but folks on the Sony Forum’s do it all the time – Vegas is a great tool – Excellent and intuitive interface and fantastic workflow (most stuff can be done directly there). If you have a prior version you can upgrade to Vegas 8 Pro Suite (includes DVD Architect 4.5) for $99.

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      Well, it depends what your HD camera records in! Most HD cameras record in a standard MPEG2 format, while some of the newer hard drive based ones record in AVCHD.

      Not all editing software will allow you to work with AVCHD, but you also need to make sure you get editing software that is capable of editing HD.

      Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro are a couple of the most popular ones, but make sure whatever software you go with, that you get the latest version, and make sure it supports HD.

      Video editing is video editing, so if you know how to edit SD video, it should be anymore difficult to edit HD video.

      Also, you will need a pretty decent and powerful computer to edit in HD, so make sure your computer is up to the task also!

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      Vegas has supported HDV for a few versions now. you don’t need a quad core computer to edit hdv in vegas, you do however if you are ingesting AVCHD files, and if you are don’t expect full frame rate play back in preview.

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