What does Cineframe and Cinematone on an FX1 do?

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      I have a Sony HDR-FX1. It is HDV, 1440x1080i. I will be looking to extract the footage to 30p(I think) with the Cineform NeoScene codec. I have chosen 30p because 90% of our views will probably beonline HD throughYouTube,Vimeo and/or company.

      (Someonesaid thatYouTube converts everything to 24p in order to save bandwidth. I cannot verify that, but the general consensus seems to be that one wants toupload to YouTube and Vimeo at30p, andin the H.264 codec. I do not know that for a fact either, so if someone here actually knows from successful experience, I am all ears.)

      My question, then,pertains to two special features contained in the FX1. One is “What is Cinematone?”, and the other is about the choice between Cineframe 30 and Cineframe 24. Does anyone know if these two Cineframe settings have anything to do with 30p and 24p? Or does it just make it look like they do?

      I read on one site (if I understood it correctly) that Cineframe 24 would initially record the footage at 24p, and then the FX1 wouldput the 24pinside of a 60i interlaced ‘wrapper.’ Then theCineform Coded allegedly extracts the 24p from inside of the 60i wrapper, yielding a true 24p with only minor loss of quality.

      So for uploading HD to YouTube, Vimeo and the rest, to I need 30p, or 24p? And do I choose Cineframe 30, or Cineframe 24? And what is Cinematone? Does it affect the frame rate? Or just what exactly does it do?

      I am plenty confused, so if anyone actuallyknows from experience, or could even just point me to where I could read something definitive, I would really appreciate it.

      Thank you,


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      From what I read in your post, it looks like cineframe is the same asframe rate. For example, 30pis a framerate of 30 with Progressive video. 60i is a frame rate of 60 where the video is Interlaced. From a little bit of research, it looks like Cinematone is something to do with color, not frame rate. If YouTube converts all video to 24p, I would export in 24p when uploading.

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      Thanks, XTR!


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