What does a good barmitzvah video look like?

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      Just got offered a job do put together a bar mitzvah package… anyone have any experience with that?

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      No, but perhaps I can help.

      What kind of Jews are they? Are they Orthodox (black coat, white shirts), Conservative (halfway), Reform (whatever), Reconstructionist (really whatever), or Messianic (believe in the Messiah)?


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      I’ve got some experience with that. What are you thinking about doing? The gold, silver, and bronze package format?

      The way that I do this type of event is as follows:

      Gold Package includes all day filming with a montage to be played at the celebration. This needs to be done in advance.The montage includes music of the clients choice with photo/video slide show ofthe boy growing up (the last one I did was of a little league pitcher and the montage included pictures of him growing up and video footage provided by the parents of him playing league baseball).

      Silver Package: No Montage and less time of filmingevent.

      Bronze Package: Even less time of filming event, here is where you can film the Celebration alone or the Cermonyalone.

      The Bar Mitzvah is a pretty neat event if done correctly. It’s like a Wedding only for a single young male. At the celebration and ceramony there are some pretty significant moments that should be worked out as to what the client would like to have archived. Also if you do a gold package and really wow the audience with a sweet montage you are ‘fer sure in for more work from them. With regards to presentation of the montage make sure that you have the capabilities to display. Your location is important and some homework needs to be done with regards to your A/V equiptment. If done correctly you can make some good dough on the reletive cheap for a days workprovided you are prepared.

      Hopeit works out,


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      Music can be important – Staying on the legal side (meaning royalty free), Cinescore has some Klezmer stuff that is not bad. Sonic Fire Pro also has some usable stuff.

      For other RF assets, Digital Juice has some (a few) animations and other stuff you can use – look aound on their website – They are having a clearance/closeout on JumpBacks right now (All Church has some Jewish themed animations).

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      Thanks guys, turns out it was a photo montage and then filming the event itself. A very easy package indeed & the three different levels helped me out a lot

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      I’ve shot many bar nitzvahs (male) and bat mitvahs (female) and they are most similar to Sweet16 parties. Of course, the house of worship did not permit video coverage of the ceremony, so it was just the reception. The finished editied picture montagevideo was as follows:

      1) baby picture montage (beginnning of video, but not shown at the reception)

      2) cocktail hour

      3) introduction into the reception room

      4) Hora dance

      5) candle lighting ceremony

      6) dancing and games with DJ and guests

      7) table interviews

      8) last song of the party

      9) bar mitzvah boy interviewed (thanks mom and dad)

      10) highlight recap, set to music

      That’s how I always edited my bar nitzvah videos

      S. Lamke

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      JohnnyG and S.Lamke, thanks for sharing your experience and expertise with the rest of the Forum. This is very generous of you. Another great exampleof how wonderful these forum members are.I’ll definetly bookmark this for future reference.

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